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Five Simple Ways to Keep Your Online Community Fire Stoked

By Lauren Modeen, Digital Strategist, GovDelivery Professional Services Building an online community is akin to building and maintaining a vibrant campfire. Step 1: Create a plan of where to set up your fire, and which tools and resources you will use to build it (build your strategy with tactics and identified early stakeholders). Step 2:… Read more »

Breaking Free From PowerPoint: A New Way to Present

By Jennifer Kaplan, GovDelivery Client Success Consultant Like many of you, I’ve spent years working with PowerPoint. I used it in college for projects. I’ve used it throughout my career internally and externally to present ideas, processes, and results. Although it’s been around since 2009, a friend recently introduced me to “Prezi”, a different way… Read more »

Technology increasingly removing barriers

American society is currently undergoing a great deal of change at all levels – in our households, in our schools, at work, and in the way government operates. Just in the past 5 to 10 years, many significant technological advances have transformed the way in which we conduct our everyday lives, regardless of our age,… Read more »

Social media preparedness for zombie attacks

By Steve Ressler, Founder and President, GovLoop Ever curious about how to get traffic to government information? It’s pretty simple – make it unique, compelling, and fun. One example of this is CDC’s recent blog that has gone viral about social media preparedness for zombie attacks. Yes, you read that correctly – zombie attacks. I… Read more »

Why increasing fans, followers and subscribers really matters

By Steve Ressler, Founder and President, GovLoop It's a normal question we all ask when comparing with others. How many Facebook fans do you have? How many Twitter followers? How many YouTube subscribers? How many email subscribers? I'm a big believer in the importance of building a large audience for government content. It's pretty simple… Read more »

Breathe oxygen into your ideas

By Lauren Modeen, Digital Strategist, GovDelivery Professional Services Here’s the thing with new ideas, products, experiments, launches, etc. They will never be perfect. And your best feedback will come by setting them free sooner, rather than waiting for perfection. In other words, 1.0 Is the Loneliest Number. Here’s a great excerpt from this blog by Matt… Read more »

If the public had a hidden camera in your office

A recent article in Government Technology reported that a Florida mayor, concerned about someone stealing items from his office, installed $8,000 worth of surveillance cameras in his office – at taxpayer expense. Leaving the details of this case (and the related investigation) aside, the story brings up an intriguing question. How would any of us… Read more »

Ten ideas on streamlining service delivery and improving customer service

By Steve Ressler, Founder and President, GovLoop On Wednesday, President Obama announced an Executive Order to "Streamline Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service." I agree that citizens' expectations of government are increasing and I think having focus on energy on the topic is really important. The good news is there are many examples/ideas for agencies… Read more »

The deceptive simplicity of pressing ‘send’

By Jon Hale, Account Director, GovDelivery UK Oh no! Somebody’s had a great idea It’s just so easy to press “send” and take it for granted that an email will land almost magically at its destination. Email has changed the way we communicate personally and professionally. It's easy, reliable and it works. It’s also highly effective.… Read more »

An Army of one

By Bobbie Browning, Senior Vice President It’s a simple goal with extraordinary potential: any American soldier being able to access the United States Army’s data system from anywhere in the world, whether they’re in Kansas, Belgium or Afghanistan. This type of secure, global enterprise network is the brainchild of the Army’s new Chief Information Officer,… Read more »