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What is Digital Government?

Digital government is the use of technology by government to facilitate internal process improvements and better citizen engagement. A modern digital government embraces technology to meet the changing needs of citizens and provide end-to-end solutions for their journeys across multiple platforms.

Question Mark IconWhy is it important?

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Digital government makes it easier for citizens to interact with government and access its services, all while improving internal processes that save time, money and paper. When government is digital, citizens can provide input for a city council meeting that they can’t attend—making the decision-making process of lawmakers better informed of public opinion. It means that a person can apply for benefits online—eliminating the need for them to drive to a social services office, fill out physical paperwork, wait in line, and use up valuable customer service time. It means people can access the records they need, pay the bills they owe, and find out the latest news on local development. Digital government is about making interactions with government effortless and encouraging self-service – something that saves time and money for everyone.

Granicus G iconHow does Granicus help?

Granicus provides an entire platform of solutions that make digital government possible. With our communication solutions like govDelivery, government can easily perform outreach to targeted groups of people. Public meetings are executed flawlessly with govMeetings, which improves agenda creation, the live meeting experience and minutes creation and sharing. With govRecords, managing land and vitals records can empower the modern clerk to spend less time hunting down documents and more time getting their work done. And govAccess, our powerful and flexible government CMS, makes it easy for citizens to get answers to the questions they need as they interact with the public sector. Together this integrated suite of tools provides citizens with the information they need and ensure that government agencies can deliver on their promises and impact more lives.

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