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What is a Government CMS?

A government CMS (or government content management system) is a tool that manages the creation and storage of digital content by a government organization. A government CMS provides benefits such as an organizational system for a government website allowing people from across the agency to update information regularly.

Question Mark IconWhy is it important?

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The public sector is constantly publishing new information and content that it needs to be shared with the public. That means that a citizen-centered hub of information—like a well-designed website—is crucial. Not only does this make a government more transparent, but it also makes it easier for citizens to perform self-service. When information is easy to find on a website, people will need to make fewer office visits or fewer calls to customer service to get the answers they need. An ideal government CMS is user friendly and is built with the citizen journey in mind. So the first question when designing a site is to ask: What are people looking for? What actions do I want them to take?

Granicus G iconHow does Granicus help?

Granicus’ govAccess solution is a government CMS that meets the needs of modern digital government by making website design and maintenance easy. The easy-to-adapt platform allows each organization to focus on the unique needs of its citizens by putting the information they need front and center. govAccess is mobile friendly out-of-the-box, helps you to create accessible user interfaces, and easily integrates with other Granicus solutions, as well as 100+ other government tech solutions. Never worry about your data, as govAccess is securely hosted using our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Ready for a flexible CMS that makes website design and maintenance easy? Learn more about our govAccess solution.