Granicus connects a powerful network of 185 million people for more than 4,000 government organizations at the local, state and federal levels. Our goal is to help government better communicate, more easily manage meetings and agendas and increase the use of digital services to boost citizen engagement.

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    Tuesday, May 14, 2019
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    [Infographic] The State of Digital in Government

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    The State of Digital in Government

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    Wednesday, August 22, 2018

    Municipal Clerks vs. The Clock

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    San Jose, California

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    Military Health Care Concept

    U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ MyHealtheVet Program

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Manage public meetings with these tips

Don’t Sweat It: How to Manage Public Meetings Like a Champ

The public meeting is a foundational element of democracy in local government. It’s here that policy is reviewed, citizen voices are heard and decisions are made. Because of that, it’s imperative that their execution is flawless. With sometimes hundreds of action items in a single meeting, clerks—the modern day superhero of government—are faced with a… Get more from Reach the Public »

Public meeting prep is necessary

Stop Racing the Clock: How to Prepare for a Public Meeting

Municipal clerks are some of the busiest employees in state and local government—something that probably doesn’t need to be told to the people who have the job. They have countless daily tasks to complete, but they never have enough time. That makes task efficiency vital to a clerk accomplishing everything that needs to be done… Get more from Reach the Public »