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Every touchpoint has an impact

Community members reached and engaged

Serve the whole community where they are, on their terms

Serve the public in the way they want: Government meetings online and on-demand; automated language and accessibility tools; email and SMS messaging; information hubs optimized for desktop and mobile; and more.

Learn how Manchester, CT, supercharged their community outreach by 100x using Government Experience Cloud (GXC)… view the story
Subscribers engaging on critical issues

Grow your reach and expand your audience

Granicus’ Customer Experience Services combines human-centered strategies with our 330 million-strong opt-in subscriber network to grow your audience and bring them from awareness to action.

Learn how Veterans Affairs combined Engagement Cloud with GXG to grow subscriptions for critical communications… view the story
Increase in user satisfaction

Digital services that deliver for the people

See 80% fewer walk-ins, reduce costs, generate revenue, and ensure a better experience for all with digital services like permitting and licensing, public records requests, 311 and service requests, websites, engagement hubs, and online forms.

Learn how Gainesville, FL, used Service Cloud to increase user satisfaction and employee experience… view the story
Smiling community member
“Once we started using Granicus, we saw an enormous increase in the number of applications to our citizen boards.”
City of San Jose, California
Increase in service adoption

Understand what your community really wants

Provide more relevant government services by engaging and communicating with your community using targeted outreach strategies, two-way feedback channels, and data to create a clear view of who you serve and what they want from their government.

See how Leamington, ON, used Engagement Cloud to understand their community and increase public transportation ridership… view the story
Middle-aged African American woman on her phone engaging with her local government's transport plan outreach efforts.
Reduced staff time through efficiency

Do more with what you have

Increase operational efficiency by 25-80%, recover lost revenue streams, and streamline workflows and compliance by automating public records requests, meetings and agenda management, short-term rental compliance, and other complex, time-intensive tasks.

Find out how Parachute, CO, used Operations Cloud to save time and money while reducing stress in the clerk’s office… view the story

Start transforming how people experience government

Our government experience solutions bring together technology, services, and data insights to drive better outcomes and impact.

Connected technology
Connected Technology

Technology designed to help government create seamless, human-centered customer experiences.

Experience Services
Experience Services

Trusted experience advisors empower governments to design, support, and deliver measurable outcomes.

Data-driven insights
Data-Driven Insights

Better understand your community using insight from our collective 30B+ annual interactions.


Innovating with technology

The City of Olathe set out to create a digital transformation, but instead, they got a more transparent, informed, and united city. With the Government Experience Cloud at the center, City of Olathe modernized government operations from top to bottom.

"Olathe's success can also be measured by its ability to continue evolving and adding to its experience, knowing everything will work seamlessly together."
Scott Meyer, Digital Programs Manager
Success story

Transforming engagement

King County Elections knew they wanted to increase Washington’s voter turnout, they just didn’t know how. Partnering with the Granicus Experience Group, we worked to increase transparency in the vote-by-mail process, which led to higher turnout in elections. 

"This feels like an exercise in radical transparency [leading to] greater turn out, greater cure rates, and more voices being heard.”
Jaclyn Adams, Project Manager
Success story

Serving critical communities

In the first two years of working with Granicus Experience Group (GXG), Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD increased subscribers by 275% and increased annual pledge support 400% during PTSD Awareness Month. 

“If it hadn’t been for the GXG partnership there would have been no way for us to know the difference in types of communications our audience wanted and needed."
Peggy Willoughby, Director of Communications
Success story
Connecting veterans with better communications

Connecting everyone

Coos Bay wanted a new website, but what they got what an integrated communication platform and engaged users. Through active listening, clients and staff participated in making their digital presence everything they needed. 

“I walked in the door saying, ‘Give me a new website, email, and meetings platform.’ And we got that!... You helped us reinvent what government looks like in our community.”
Nichole Rutherford, Assistant City Manager
Success story
Community members using ipad to access government website
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