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Meeting and Agenda Management For Government

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Become the Hero of the Public Meetings Process

Ensure public meetings run smoothly, increase internal efficiency, and document decisions proficiently so policymaking is open and available.

Simplify Your Work Life

With easy-to-use tools that simplify your most time-consuming tasks, Granicus solutions help you get the job done. Watch the video to learn more.

Streamline the Entire Meeting Process

Save time and paper by automating agenda approval and meeting minutes management. Streamlined workflows make it easy to juggle changing priorities.

Collaborate From Any Device

Clerks and council members can access meeting materials on any device to view and edit agenda items in real time.

Provide Convenient Access for Citizens

Offer citizens and interested parties digital access to meeting agendas, live webcasting, video recording, and minutes​ in a central, searchable portal.

Success Stories

The Premiere Provider of Government Software

Over 2,500 local governments are using Granicus' agenda meeting software to manage their public meetings processes, fill their vacant board positions and improve internal efficiencies.


Granicus manages over 5 million legislative media files that are accessible to citizens.


Legislative data stored in secure and redundant data centers.


Greater than 12,000 unique video stream requests per day.

1 Petabyte

We have over 1 Petabyte of video stored securely - that's roughly 14 years-worth of public meetings.