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govService Customer Service Hub

Customer Service Hub: A CRM Built for Government

Governments have never had to be more adaptable or responsive than they are today. Resident requests arrive 24 hours a day through an ever-expanding number of channels — website, mobile, telephone, face-to-face, email, and social media. The govService Customer Service Hub gives customer-facing staff the tool it needs to tame the chaos and is the most-trusted CRM built for government today.

A Holistic View of the Customer

The govService Customer Service Hub gives staff a complete view of a resident’s interactions with government over time and across agencies. That means when a new micro-brewery applies for a business license, building permit, and liquor license each agency knows what the other has approved or not. This view ultimately leads to a more efficient government and better customer service. With our Customer Service Hub, you can:

Improve customer service

Easily access the details of customer interactions across all channels, including staff notes on a customer’s specific needs, such as contact preferences or a hearing disability.

Save time

Provide an integrated knowledge base through which staff can quickly reference information like customer account details, staff FAQs, and other resources   

Process one Stream

Route all requests, no matter if it arrived digitally or a via printed PDF, to a single digital stream to be processed by employees, saving time and standardizing processes.

Build it Once

Unlike legacy solutions, when staff use the Customer Service Hub, they use the same customer-facing form built and published in the govService Customer Portal . This build-it-once approach significantly reduces implementation time/costs and staff training, while increasing overall consistency for the end customer.

360-degree customer view

Shows staff a central record for all customer contacts, including details of interactions across all service channels.


Notify staff of customers with special needs or alerts.

Easy search

Find customer records quickly with built-in search using any of four key attributes — name, address, case number, and reference number.

Flexible reporting & statistics

Make data-driven decisions that improve service and efficiency.

Reusable subforms

Reduce implementation time and standardize data collection for common form elements like names and addresses. 

Universal inbox

Empower staff to process inbound emails and social media messages with automatic customer identification, quick response templates, and message history.

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