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What is Government Transparency?

Government transparency is a government’s obligation to be open, accountable and honest with citizens on how it is conducting business and spending tax dollars. This can be done by proactive communication, soliciting citizens feedback, providing easy access to public meeting documents, and effortless self-service of information through digital channels.

Question Mark IconWhy is it important?

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Government’s job is to serve the public as best as it can, which requires it to subject itself to scrutiny. The best way to do this is to make information as easy to access as possible from the beginning. A government that is clear about its decision-making is one that makes better choices about how it serves its constituents.

Granicus G iconHow does Granicus help?

Granicus makes government transparency easier with its solutions. With tools like govMeetings, citizens can quickly access agendas before a meeting to find out the topics that will be discussed or the minutes afterward to see who voted for which items. They can scan through indexed videos to find more info on topics that concern them. And they can interact with government agents to provide feedback. With govRecords, getting court documents or land and vitals information is just a few clicks away. Digital tools mean it’s no longer required that a citizen drive to city hall, fill out paper forms, and then get a print out of a document they may or may not want. Instead, they can get the information they need from wherever and whenever they have an internet connection.

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