Progressing education with connective technologies

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Connecting educational institutions with students, staff, and the community

Education fosters community growth and progression, and it is only fitting that the technological solutions that staff utilize match the same forward thinking. Keeping the goal of continuous improvement of education in mind, Granicus empowers both staff and the public alike to engage, connect, and learn like never before.

Public education staff understand that maximizing time and resources is not always easy. With the right technology and solutions, staff can increase operational efficiencies and capacities, and give back time to achieve other core initiatives and projects.

Learn how Wenatchee Valley College increased operational efficiencies.

Giving the public insight into educational initiatives increases trust in the long term. With advanced technology explicitly built for transparency and accessibility, educational institutions can give the public peace of mind.

Learn how Abbotsford School District improved transparency and inclusion.

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Maximizing engagement in education with purpose-built solutions

With Granicus, educational institutions have a trusted partner to improve engagement, connect with the public, and drive measurable outcomes for success.


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Effective education outcomes

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When public needs are met effectively with technology and solutions, they feel more inclined to participate and share thoughts on crucial topics they care about. Through engagement and connection, both the public and educational agencies can progress authentic relationships.

Engage communities
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Educational organizations with the support of reporting that can guide, budget, staff, and resource planning. With insights that help agencies form smart strategies with needs in mind.

Improve operations
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Make sure the community feels heard and get buy-in for your education priorities with clear, informative communications that reach everyone, including the hard-to-reach, underserved, and previously unengaged.

Increase trust

Digital transformation resources for educators

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