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Fostering Citizen Engagement Through Text Messaging Campaigns


This post was originally featured in the GovLoop guide: “Preparing for the Era of Digital Transformation.” The article features an Interview with Andy Krzmarzick, Vice President of Learning and Development, Granicus Many government employees rely on high levels of citizen engagement and feedback to effectively do their job and improve services. However, this proves difficult… Read more »

Surviving and Thriving When Budgets are Tight


Across the public sector, communications teams are still feeling the pinch of austerity and reduced funding. The status quo continues to be about trying to do the same (or sometimes even more) with fewer resources than ever. This is a huge challenge and barrier to achieving the public sector’s ambitious campaign and citizen engagement goals.… Read more »

Make a Great First Impression With These Welcome Message Ideas


One of the most important aspects of any GovDelivery Communications Cloud account is setting up a strong welcome message to capture an audience’s attention right away. As the first email that your new subscriber will receive from you, the welcome message is your first opportunity to present your organization in a positive light. Your welcome… Read more »

When Government Communications Matter Most


In the past week, Hurricane Harvey brought record-breaking rainfall and devastation to millions of people across Texas. With an estimated 15 trillion gallons of rainwater, 15 confirmed deaths and over 30,000 people displaced from their homes, experts are calling it one of the worst natural disasters to strike the U.S. And the true impact of… Read more »

4 Steps to Prove Success in Your Digital Channels


Marketing and public outreach are invaluable for the public sector, and the best place to start is with a positive digital user experience. One of the best ways to determine if you have a successful user experience is through proactive analysis of website metrics and reporting with systems like Google Analytics or IBM Analytics. However,… Read more »

Summit Recap: Governments Making a Measurable Impact


Success in the public sector is measured by the impact agencies make on citizens. Whether it’s feeding more families or providing access to health services or safer roads, government agencies from across the country are leveraging innovation to solve the hard problems facing their communities. Two of these agencies recently spoke at the Granicus Virtual… Read more »

Summit Recap: How to Build a Modern Legislative Experience


Throughout state and local jurisdictions, citizens are becoming increasingly interested in the legislative process. The public wants to know what is happening in government and be able to give their input on issues they care about. This means that government organizations need an easy way to connect – and when it comes to creating agendas,… Read more »