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In an always-on digital world, residents want to interact with government on their terms. OneView offers a full-featured service request management solution that simplifies service requests and provides a centralized hub for every resident interaction.

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OneView is a centralized, resident-focused solution for reporting and tracking service requests. As each request is received, it’s routed to appropriate local government stakeholders to be fulfilled, with automated updates keeping residents informed.


Government is adapting to changing resident expectations and finding ways to digitize and share information, while providing services through the devices people use the most.

Automate and digitize service requests

Enable residents to request information or services online and report issues via a web portal, mobile app, email, or by phone as well as receive notifications about upcoming events.

Communicate with residents

Manage resident relationships for every interaction and keep users up to date on service requests, programs, and events using one system.

Efficiently manage processes

Automate workflows, assign service requests to the correct department, and integrate with existing systems to complete work orders and maximize efficiency.

Create better experiences

Residents get 24/7 access to digital services, so they don’t have to wait to submit an inquiry or request. Staff get a full-featured workflow automation and case management solution that acts as a centralized hub for every citizen engagement.

Success Stories

Learn more about how OneView is taking government experiences, for both residents and staff, into the 21st century.

“Having the public visibility that we were lacking in our previous system has been really helpful. Citizens can see that requests are being handled through the city, being completed, and that the work’s actually being done. That’s really important.”

Teri Gerhardt, GIS Division Manager, City of Cupertino, CA
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“Gangs and tagging crews are no longer creating large tags in the community because the response time to remove the tags is so quick. Two years ago, a public works employee averaged 10 work orders a day. Today, we average 25-30 work orders a day."

Joseph Goulart, Escondido, CA
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“Government can’t solve every problem; we need help from the community and through apps we can facilitate that…. transparency is a large factor, but citizen engagement is the ultimate goal."

Forest Frizzell, Honolulu, HI
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“Within 12 months of the digital 311 app launch, 15% of the reports were submitted digitally and directly into Cityworks. Additionally, the new methods of communication resulted in no significant increase in total requests.”

Justin Cure, Longview, TX
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OneView is a robust, citizen relationship and service request management system that helps connect government with residents.

Powerful workflow automation

Design workflows, automate processes, and integrate with existing systems to decrease training time and maximize efficiency.

Efficient case management

Manage any request and ensure effective and fast issue resolution across all citizen-facing departments.

Integrated service request management

Bring integrated front-end mobile and web functionality to the resident service request process. Increase efficiency and improve customer service.

Effective omni-channel communication

Engage residents on the communications channels they use to receive consolidated information to address their issues. Provide residents with a brandable, mobile app to access information, submit service requests, and report issues.

Configurable citizen experience

Enhance civic engagement capabilities by layering resident-focused features that create the experience communities need without adding internal complexity.

Additional services

OneView offers additional services including a brandable mobile app, SMS messaging, waste reminders, and a customizable knowledge base to encourage resident self-service and community engagement. Microsoft Dynamics users can easily integrate OneView for a seamless experience.