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Simplify the public meeting process — internally and externally — to emphasize efficiency, promote transparency, and reduce the burden on staff.

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With easy-to-use tools that simplify your most time-consuming tasks, Granicus solutions help you get the job done. Watch the video to learn more.

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Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. Partner with the industry leader to deliver the right solution for your community. It’s easier than you think.

Granicus has:

  • More meeting management and video solutions than anyone else
  • Been serving clerks since 1999
  • The highest-level compliance with government security standards

De-stress your work life

It’s time to stop dreading packet publishing day. Let Granicus do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the more meaningful work.

“Time has been the biggest benefit. It makes my job so much easier, and I can focus on other things. I never have to stay late anymore.”
Rhonda Coxon
Town Clerk, Snowmass Village, CO
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Streamline the entire meeting process

Save time, paper, and energy by fully automating agenda creation, approvals, and meeting minutes management. Streamlined, automated workflows make it easy to juggle evolving priorities and multiple agenda contributors.

“Managing the agenda process was a full-time job. It was especially difficult and time consuming to track and compile different versions of documents in order to consistently produce a quality work-product.”
Linda Nemeroff
Secretary, Alameda Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit)
Success story
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Collaborate from anywhere

With our proprietary software, clerks, council members, and administrators can access meeting materials from anywhere on mobile devices to view and edit agenda items in real time. No more paper packets or reconciling council members’ notations from multiple digital copies.

“Now [council members] can just open up their iPad and go to work.”
Daralyn Spivey
Municipal Clerk, Bald Head Island, NC
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Be more transparent

Give the public digital access to meeting agendas, live and video-on-demand streaming, video recording, and minutes in a central, searchable portal. Empower your audience to engage in the government process and create better public policy as a result.

“The tools are robust enough not just to receive the information, but to also deliver it to our council, and that, to me, is an incredible standard of transparency and public participation.”
LaTonda Simmons
City Clerk, Oakland, CA
Success story
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Clerk smarter, not harder

You don’t have to stress over the tedious, manual agenda creation process anymore. Create new files for meeting agendas and digitally organize them into an automated, configurable approval sequence. From prep to publish, no paper and no headaches.

For many years now, government organizations have been playing catch-up with modern technological expectations. Let Granicus help you not just meet those expectations but exceed them with cloud-based, digital meeting experiences. With fully-managed, partially-managed, and self-managed options, we have a video streaming solution for every customer.

Transparency and public participation are top of mind for government managers and councils. Our meeting management solutions not only make the clerk’s life easier, they also increase public engagement in the legislative process by as much as 250%, which informs the creation of sound public policy.

Good intentions aren’t enough anymore. Granicus solutions can help you meet accessibility requirements to improve service to everyone in your community with ADA-compliant templates, closed captioning, translation, and transcription services.

Granicus offers a continuum of configurable services that grow and evolve with your organization without vendor sprawl. Easily add-on features like indexed meeting minutes and video recordings, boards and commissions management, virtual public comments, email agenda distribution, public records request management, marketing solutions, and digital services and workflows.

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