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Build trust, engage residents, and make better decisions with effective government communications.

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Get connected to your people

With mounting pressure for modern government experiences, our premier integrated communications solution can connect and engage your community. Granicus has partnered with governments of all levels and sizes to help amplify and digitize common communication tasks, leading to more positive experiences between government agencies and the people they serve.

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  • Reach and engage more people
  • Facilitate two-way conversations
  • Efficiently gather insights and build trust
  • Make informed decisions
  • Prioritize and personalize communications with data-driven results

Keep your community involved

Execute services or community engagements end-to-end, with real-time visibility, email, and SMS for closed-loop communication and subscriptions to future updates.

“The dramatic increase we’ve seen in the engagement rate for our account means that more people are learning about their right to access this important environmental information.”
Sarah Swenson
Stakeholder Engagement Branch, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Make effective and equitable decisions

Categorize responses, identify areas of interest, critical issues, and missing demographics, then tailor targeted communication strategies to help inform decisions.

“We’re getting the right data set up at the right times and understanding which audience to hit and win. With the help of Granicus, we’ve had a good line of communication. We can get things set up on the fly.”
Carrie Gray
Child Care Development Fund Operations Manager, Indiana FSSA
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Engage equitably

Grow participation with embeddable and purpose-built tools, multi-channel communication, and private and public participation to a diverse community.

“We were actually meeting people where they are. That’s been a big part for our community — they’re seeing that we are being transparent... and that we’re responding in a timely manner that’s helpful for them.”
Sabrina Martin
Community Engagement Coordinator, City of Baytown, TX
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Unify your community

Compile a unified view of your community and streamline subscriber growth with everything you need to communicate with residents easily and efficiently.

“I think the platform really facilitates the connection of neighborhoods, even in a smaller city. Digitally, it’s useful to have a good way to provide a timeline of information and connect residents around topics.”
Matthew Kaiser
Communications and Marketing Director, Fairfax, VA
Success story
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Transformative government communications

Offer residents the ability to subscribe to the messages or project updates they want most. Our options for opt-in subscriptions can be customized for your website and will instantly increase your segmented audiences for future targeted communications.

Achieve your goals as a government communicator by engaging with residents everywhere they are: social media, text, and email. Send the right message, at the right time, using the right channel to meet and exceed resident expectations.

Capture activity, participant attributes, and existing information to unify data across systems. Give residents the ability to create a profile and log in from anywhere. Then, streamline communications with personalized messages to increase engagement.

Analyze the impact of your efforts and make improvements with our real-time reporting and analytics dashboard that helps you better understand what types of information, services, and projects resonate with your residents.

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