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Granicus has been a trusted partner with Canadian governments for 25 years

The federal government requires purpose-built solutions to simplify operational workflows and foster public transparency. Granicus solutions support the mission-critical efforts federal governments work persistently to complete, such as:

  • Delivering National Action Plans efficiently
  • Leveraging centralized community engagement and insight
  • Complying with the public records request process
  • Digitizing ATIP and FOIPP requests end-to-end

With expertly designed solutions, provinces can deliver essential services and information to the public in ways like never before. Granicus solutions support crucial provincial functions like:

  • Improving access to healthcare and managing essential public meetings
  • Executing infrastructure planning and developing new policies and programs
  • Permitting, licensing, inspections, or STRs (Short-Term Vacation Rentals) digitally

Municipalities across Canada drive meaningful impact for the public. With tools created specifically for government functions, municipalities can reach and engage with more community members effectively and efficiently. Core benefits of government solutions for municipalities include:

  • Centralizing engagement for the public on a variety of community-specific topics
  • Collecting high-quality insights that impact social welfare, public safety, justice, and more
  • Building partnerships that address both regional and national issues
  • Empowering informed decision-making and delivering better operations and outcomes
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“We have been empowered to question every process and not accept the status quo. That’s allowed us to think creatively about how we use the tools that we have and really think about how to improve things in a meaningful and intentional way.”
Zoe Mlcoch
Business Services Manager, City of Coquitlam, B.C.
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Creating an interactive digital space that connects government and people

With Granicus, Canadian governments have a trusted partner, a team of passionate consultants, effective processes, and proven software. Together, we create an enhanced engagement landscape for communities and the staff that serve them.

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Modernize services, improve public trust, and build community engagement

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Create meaningful experiences for the public with solutions built with governments in mind. Allow residents to digitally access information, submit requests, and optimize internal operations with solutions that automate workflows and increase efficiency.

Improve service delivery
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Proactively build transparency using solutions that empower residents to access information easily, increasing satisfaction with government and saving employee time and resources.

Increase Trust & Transparency
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Create spaces that encourage residents to participate in the democratic process. Granicus solutions help engage residents, protect against misinformation, and allow agencies to target what community topics matter most to its residents.

Empower engaged communities
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Mitigate cybersecurity risks and costly litigation and ensure compliance with data security and privacy regulations. Use robust solutions that are device agnostic, continuously refined, and updated to meet best practices and design trends for governments and accommodate ADA/WCAG compliance standards.


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