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Implement data-driven websites and content management systems focused on customer experience to meet the unique needs of government agencies and the communities they serve.

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Inform, engage, and serve

From discovery, design, and implementation to ongoing consultation and support, Granicus is your innovative partner. We use industry-leading technology and proven best practices to implement effective, behavior-informed websites that serve your community well today, while being positioned to grow with your organization. Our purpose-built for government solutions work seamlessly together to inform, engage, and serve your constituents.

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  • Reduce reliance on technical staff with low-code/no-code website tools
  • Simplify website editing with intuitive content and design templates
  • Empower staff across the organization to curate, publish, and edit website content
  • Use data insights to continuously enhance website content and navigation
  • Reach users at any time on any device

Deliver modern digital experiences

Transform your website into a user-friendly, purpose-built for government platform that efficiently and equitably serves visitors no matter their ability, location, or device.

"What we did with our website is one of the most concrete, effective, examples of community engagement, and that to me is the best story about this experience."
Rosalynn Bliss
Mayor of Grand Rapids, Michigan
Success story

Implement data-driven, behavior-informed design

Discover and develop the most effective digital experiences for your community using organizational data and aggregate data insights from thousands of your governmental peers.

“We never had such a strong community response with the old website. The new website... makes the community more inclined to get involved.”
Amy Gee Management Analyst
Fremont Police Department
Success story
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Utilize simple, dynamic website management

Empower staff at all levels to create, publish, and edit website content with robust workflows and permissions using a simple and intuitive content management system.

“The ease of use and collaboration are huge... we didn’t have that ability before. Now, multiple people can use the system.”
Nick Going
Digital Content Specialist, Oro Valley, AZ
Success story
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Harness industry-leading technology

Benefit from ongoing research and development, security and accessibility enhancements, as well as innovative platform upgrades — all included in your subscription.

“The people in this town are willing to change and be progressive not just in their politics but in their operational thinking.”
Jerry Giaimis
Maplewood, NJ, Township Administrator
Success story
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A modern hub for powerful digital experiences

Our powerful search engines and location-based discovery layers help connect your users with the information they need, whether that’s to register a pet, pay a fee, attend a meeting, request a permit, or more.

From novice to expert, our customized workflows and approval processes make it easy for staff across your organization to curate and publish content for any device.

Armed with knowledge, visitors feel more comfortable completing tasks themselves from anywhere on any device with mobile-responsive, paper-free digital services, integrated forms, and payment processing.

Provide equitable website access to all residents with continuous accessibility enhancements, and platform upgrades.

A happy community thrives on regular engagement. Involve residents in the public process by promoting opportunities to attend meetings and provide feedback through dynamic, topic-based widgets, multi-channel publishing, and integrations with engagement tools.

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Industry-leading website and CMS products

Understand how our products work together to help governments serve better.

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