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Granicus Announces Record Growth Amid Accelerated Government Digital Transformation

The surge in demand for Granicus’ civic engagement software-as-a-service platform leads to 400 new project launches, record audience engagement, and millions more connected residents.

Denver, CO – September 15, 2020 – Granicus, the leading provider of cloud-based citizen engagement technologies and services, today announced record sales growth since January 2020—highlighting a sharp increase in demand for citizen-facing technologies in the wake of COVID-19 that support more effective digital communications, services and relationships between governments and their citizens. With over 400 new projects launching to new and existing customers across U.S. local, state, and federal governments and in the U.K., Granicus’ momentum reflects rapid adoption of transformative, cloud-based technologies across the public sector that accelerate an agency’s ability to deliver vital information and services virtually.

Since the beginning of 2020, Granicus has added hundreds of new and expanding U.S. and U.K agencies, including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Public Affairs (OPA), U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Cook County, IL, Los Angeles County, CA, Colorado Information Technology Office, Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, London Borough Redbridge and Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. Each of these organizations are now part of an impressive roster of over 4,500 agencies shaping the future of digital government.

“Amid rapidly-changing conditions and widespread misinformation, government officials, at all levels, rose to the occasion to deliver trusted, urgent information to their communities through digital channels and bring critical public services online, at incredible speed,” said Mark Hynes, CEO of Granicus. “In the middle of the pandemic, we have been extremely proud to work alongside government leaders as they expedite the delivery of cloud-based technologies to their employees and constituents in order to ease some of the many challenges they have faced since the pandemic began. Working in partnership with government leaders, we have collectively delivered over 3 billion pandemic-related messages, powered over 25,000 virtual legislative meetings, and transitioned hundreds of services online to better serve communities at this critical moment.”

The urgent need for agencies across the government spectrum to limit in-person services and accelerate digital service delivery was evident by the surge in demand for Granicus’ citizen self-service solution govService. Since the start of the pandemic, the State of Oklahoma has brought nearly 50 services online including the rapid deployment of its Pandemic Unemployment Digital Application Process, powered by Granicus, which supported 100,000 active users in its first 48 hours online. Clay County, Florida was able to quickly pivot its digital strategy as the COVID-19 pandemic evolved to provide an integrated, consistent civic experience to its residents – bringing together web content, online services and digital communications with a central citizen relationship management approach.

“In the midst of the pandemic, we knew we needed to launch an entirely new digital experience for our citizens that included an accessible website, an opt-in email communications solution that kept our community informed, and a simple interface where citizens could submit service-related requests,” said Samantha Radomski, Administrative and Web Content Specialist at Clay County. “Working with Granicus enabled us to move quickly – bringing a new integrated solution to our citizens within a matter of weeks – demonstrating the County’s ability to respond to the digital preferences of our community, while giving us significantly more visibility into the needs, interests and behaviors of our residents.”

As municipalities work to bring legislative processes—including agenda management and live public meetings— into secure, remote environments, governments have trusted Granicus to power over 25,000 virtual meetings through its govMeetings product suite. Notably, eComment, a govMeetings add-on that promotes remote citizen participation in public meetings, has had nearly 100 new launches throughout 2020.

“Granicus’ eComment software has allowed our citizens to continue to have a voice in local government at a time when it’s especially important to hear their thoughts and concerns,” said Lucinda Williams, City Clerk in Fullerton, California. “Having access to real-time electronic comments from residents during our meetings as we discuss matters critical to our community’s safety has been both illuminating for our government and has strengthened the public’s trust.”

As governments and citizens searched for a digital connection during a time when trusted communities were critical, Granicus brought its Subscriber Network of over 200 million opt-in citizen subscribers to bridge connections between citizens searching for trusted, personal and relevant information with government communicators and officials that serve those communities. Over 20 million new veterans, medicaid recipients, parents, high-risk individuals, seniors, municipal residents and members of countless other groups joined the Granicus subscriber community during this period – solidifying its position as the largest, fastest and most effective way for governments to connect with their communities.

As governments became a primary source of trusted information during the pandemic, they were met with increased levels of citizen engagement. According to a recent Granicus Benchmark Report, governments saw email engagement rates double in 2020 over the same period in 2019, and local government websites saw, on average, a 25% increase in website visits.

To support governments’ ongoing efforts to engage more constituents and keep them informed of COVID-19 developments, Granicus announced a series of easily embeddable web tools in April 2020 to aggregate factual COVID-19 content from the nation’s most-trusted government sources for widespread community access. These tools helped reduce the spread of misinformation related to COVID-19, bringing citizens closer to regional and relevant information that helps keep them safe.

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