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What is PCL?

Permitting, Compliance, and Licensing (PCL) solutions help governments at every level manage the entire lifecycle for these services, including applications, review, issuance, fee collection, and enforcement – thereby accelerating revenues and improving public safety. Quality PCL solutions also include customization options, workflow automations, and reporting and analytics capabilities.

Why is PCL important?

The PCL function is perhaps the most ubiquitous among government services, touching various parts of the day to day lives of residents and businesses— from urban, commercial, and residential development, to recreation, commerce, infrastructure and public utility services — resulting in hundreds of thousands of interactions a year. As an area with so many touchpoints between government and the public, creating frictionless service delivery and customer experiences is a must.

“We can now serve the community by providing a necessary service to residents in a way that is effective and truly a service.”
– Jonathan Lee, GIS Manager, Franklin County Economic Development and Planning
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Managing Building Permitting and Inspections

Streamline all phases of building permit processing and inspections with automated permit flow and approval processes. Customize unlimited permit types, forms, reviews, and requirements to meet organizational needs and streamline developer and citizen engagement for faster processing. Accelerate time to issuance and revenue collection, and better assure public safety and regulatory compliance in the community.

Take Charge of Planning and Zoning

Organize and manage resources for planning applications in a single platform with up-to-date zoning and property data and reports. Drive development and justify funding with built-in organization tools that make subsequent planning applications easy, intuitive and successful.

Streamline the Business Licensing Process

Manage timelines, fees, inspections, online payments, and automate renewal notifications. Forecast revenues for business licenses easily with accessible renewal and violation data. Maintain detailed reports and tracking for auditability and process improvements.

Empower Citizens with a Public Portal

Allow citizens to submit applications, track permit status, and review real-time inspection results for increased satisfaction and transparency. Using government asset management software to handle permits and licenses builds trust with the community.

GIS Mapping Integration

Visualize geographic information system (GIS) layers alongside permits, projects, inspections, and code enforcement cases to enhance efficiency and public safety. Identify and assign tasks based on geographic parameters and quickly identify areas of interest regarding new development or code violations.

Create Real-Time Reports

Manage permit lifecycle, licenses, and enforcement cases, then create reports in real time or on interval schedules. Maintain detailed visibility with custom reports and visuals that help drive efficiency, justify funding, and ensure regulatory compliance.

How does Granicus help with PCL?

Granicus empowers governments to transform how they deliver public services through a new generation of tools. With Granicus, you can achieve the benefits of digital services delivery and provide citizens with a one-stop shop for all permitting, compliance, and licensing needs.

“This shift in thinking and adoption of innovative technology has inspired town staff to seek opportunities to operate more efficiently, quickly, constantly, and cost-effectively.”
– Steven Rosati, Strategic Business Advisor, Oakville, Ontario
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About Amanda

Hundreds of government agencies trust Amanda to digitize and streamline critical functions — from building construction and inspection to planning and zoning to business licensing and registration. No matter the scale or complexity, Amanda can help you digitize your most important operations efficiently to better serve your community’s needs.

About SmartGov

SmartGov™ is a cutting-edge software solution designed to streamline and optimize government operations. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to enhance efficiency, transparency, and citizen engagement. With SmartGov, government agencies can manage resources more effectively, automate routine tasks, and make data-driven decisions to better serve their constituents.

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