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Achieve operational excellence

Save time and money to deliver better experiences for staff and the public.


Work more efficiently and discover new revenues

Operations Cloud helps you streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance compliance with digital solutions that attract the best employees and maximize output from technology investments.

Efficient meetings management

Be a good steward of taxpayer dollars while getting more done with efficient solutions for meetings and agendas, board and commission management, video streaming, and more.

Meeting management dashboard in Granicus Operations Cloud

Streamlined public records management

Automation and workflow solutions simplify the entire public records and legal requests lifecycle: Intake, document collection, redaction, response, fee assessment, and more.

Public records menu, overview, and insights dashboard in Granicus Operations Cloud

New revenue streams

Tap new revenue streams and fund priority programs by managing tax compliance and digitizing payment services.

List of non-compliant short term rentals in the Granicus Operations Cloud dashboard

Simplified compliance

Streamline and automate compliance for online services, video streaming, records requests and redaction, data security and privacy, and accessibility tools like closed-captioning and multi-lingual content.

Automated Compliance of short-term rentals in Granicus Operations Cloud

Leverage efficiency to deliver results

The City of Nashville knew it had several thousand short-term-rentals but couldn’t identify the owners to levy the proper taxes. Using solutions under the Operations Cloud, the city was able to identify more than 90% of short-term rentals, collect more than $2.8 million in new taxes the first year, and use a portion of that recovered revenue to contribute more than $2 million in two years to local affordable housing efforts.

“Short-term rentals are different than hotels. With hotels, you have an auditable trail. [Operations Cloud] gives us that auditable trail. We can make sure we are collecting taxes fairly.”
Zak Kelley
Special Project Manager, City of Nashville, TN
Success story

Saving time with technology

After partnering with Granicus and implementing a purpose-built agenda management solution the village of Snowmass, CO, reduced the approval time of agenda items by 75%. The village clerk saved over 450 minutes per public meeting agenda (or approximately 165 days’ worth of work) per year.

“[Granicus] makes my job so much easier, and I can focus on other things. I never have to stay late anymore."
Rhonda Coxon
Town Clerk, Snowmass Village, CO
Success story

Managing records requests

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation needed a way to manage the sheer volume of Freedom of Information Law requests for records. By employing a modern public records management solution, they saw a 40% reduction in request processing time and processed 15,000 annual requests.

“GovQA has revolutionized NYSDEC’s FOIL work and performance.”
Nathaniel Barber
Office General Counsel, NYSDEC
Record request management
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