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Foster community engagement

Understand the people you serve to deliver the government they expect.


Grow your audience and deliver experiences that matter

Get a better understanding of your community and speak to them on their terms, in the ways most likely to engage and lead to action with Engagement Cloud.

Build and grow your audience

Even the best government programs fail without awareness and an audience eager to hear about it. Granicus’ 330 million-strong opt-in subscriber network and advanced engagement strategies ensure you have a receptive audience from Day 1 and continued growth into the future.

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Understand your community

Make sure the community feels heard and get buy-in for your priorities by reaching everyone, including the hard-to-reach, underserved, and previously unengaged. Combine that feedback with hard data to understand your community like never before.

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Deliver more relevant experiences

Use engagement and communications strategies to learn about your audience and create government experiences people want, where and how they want them, leading to a happier, more satisfied public.

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Prove success on pivotal outcomes while continuing to improve using data dashboards, sentiment analysis, trainings on evolving best practices, and a global community of peers.

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Build trust for better outcomes

Ahead of the 2022 Election, King County Elections wanted to promote mail-in voting and allow voters to sign up for text and email alerts about the status of their ballots throughout the counting process. Using Engagement Cloud, the county created an engagement strategy that spoke to voters in five languages and led to 91% higher turnout for special elections and a 67% better cure rate among voters who opted in for alerts.

“Being able to work with the Granicus team and incorporate their tools with our existing tools made the work so much easier. I think that made it possible for us to really dream big.”
Halei Watkins
Communications Officer, King County Elections, King County, Washington
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Build trust, engagement, and transparency with constituents through improved government communications technologies and strategies.

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