4 Steps to Prove Success in Your Digital Channels


Marketing and public outreach are invaluable for the public sector, and the best place to start is with a positive digital user experience. One of the best ways to determine if you have a successful user experience is through proactive analysis of website metrics and reporting with systems like Google Analytics or IBM Analytics. However,… Read more »

Authentic Reach: The What, Why, and How


One of the most important first steps in any digital communications strategy is building an active and engaged audience. Most often, citizens who raise their hand and opt in to your messages are more likely to be engaged long term. In the recently launched 2017 Granicus Benchmark Report, we use the term “authentic reach” as… Read more »

The 2017 Granicus Benchmark Report: What to Look For

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Last year, Granicus published the first-ever Benchmark Report for the public sector that highlighted the metrics that truly matter for government communicators. This year, Granicus published the same set of important metrics for the public sector (click rate, open rate, engagement rate, subscription per subscriber and overlay impact) in the 2017 Granicus Benchmark Report, but… Read more »

What Does it Take to Roll Out a New Citizen Service?

This post was originally featured on NextGov. “Is this something people will use?” That’s the one question government employees should ask themselves before launching a new product or digital service. Why? We often think building and implementing a tool is the greatest challenge, but in practice, the hardest part is driving people to use it. This… Read more »

Reach: The Most Important Metric Without a Perfect Benchmark

This week, GovDelivery published the first-ever digital benchmark report for the public sector that measured data from 1,800 government organizations and compiled critical metrics from billions of digital messages. In addition to key findings and benchmark metrics like open and click rates, the report identifies reach as the most important metric to watch for public… Read more »