2023 Public Sector Digital Communications Benchmark Report

The digital transformation of the public sector continues to increase, presenting communications staff at all government levels the opportunity to leverage technology as a connective tool between government and the public. As a result, the dedication to creating increased transparency with the public, as well as the efforts to increase public engagement with government policy issues that impact daily life, drove many government communications in 2023.

What channels were the most successful for agency communications in connecting with audiences in the past year? Which methods drove the greatest impact? In what ways did digital communications change between the federal, state, and local government levels?

Gain insights from these and other communication trends, and plan for 2024, with Granicus’ 2023 Public Sector Digital Communications Benchmark Report.

Building a communications strategy for 2024

Data from the past year reinforces that communications are being used to pave new pathways to engagement. With statistics broken down by government sector and agency vertical, as well as tips for improving communications outcomes, this report will provide any government agency with both a benchmark for comparing their own communications efforts and a guide to help build communications strategy for 2024.

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