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Improved Experiences

Provide open, accessible, and equitable customer experiences.


Building positive experiences

By leveraging targeted tools, robust data insights, and user-friendly experiences, governments can create inclusive digital pathways that inspire engagement, transparency, and provide access for all communities.

Increasing awareness helps drive engagement and leads to more informed adoption and use of government services and programs. With tools targeted toward building better awareness, governments can provide better digital experiences.

  • Know more with detailed audience segmentation
  • Automate tasks to ensure proper execution
  • Dig deeper and discover insights with robust data
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Workers are more likely to succeed when they feel empowered in their work. Create an employee experience that gives staff the resources to do their jobs more effectively and empowers them to move beyond daily tasks​.

  • Reduce staff time dedicated to calls or emails
  • Save budget resources with digital sustainability
  • Bring new ideas to life with agility and consistency
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Increase participation with government programs by providing accessible, equitable, and secure digital experiences that reach all communities where they are most likely to take action. By creating pathways that encourage diverse involvement, government can improved trust, confidence, and satisfaction with programs

  • Connect with communities where they are
  • Encourage form completion with user-friendly experiences
  • Build digital pathways for user self-reliance
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When digital governments work at their peak performance, the efficiencies created go beyond just time and money. Reducing walk-in visits and call volume speeds up important processes, allows government to operate more efficiently, and opens opportunities for staff to focus on longer-term goals.

  • Target chokepoints in enrollment completion
  • Automate follow-up communication
  • Deliver self-serve enrollment
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An informed populace is one that is more willing to trust their government and the work that they do. By building digital experiences that put more control in the users’ hands, governments can increase transparency while maintaining data safety and security.

  • Combines user and employee experiences ​
  • Minamize vendor creep with easy integrations
  • Rely on industry-leading security standards
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Communicating during crisis

Indiana’s Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning increased their subscriber base and their engagement rates by taking an omni-channel messaging approach through Granicus tools. This strategy helped them to provide vital information during times of crisis.

“We’re able to meet the needs of families with ability to focus on messaging that is personalized to them.”
Sue McKinney
Director of Operations, Indiana OECOSL
Success Story

Digital solutions

Thanks to a shift to digital services, the City of Grand Rapids, MI saved $650,000 by reducing walk-in traffic and increasing online payments through a new website and digital services created in partnership with Granicus.​

“We didn't just redesign the website; we redesigned the way our city does business.”
Becky Jo Glover
Chief of Customer Service and Innovation, City of Grand Rapids
Success Story

Engaging in the mobile space

The City of Olathe, KS saw an increase of 12% in direct website traffic, as well as increases of 51% in mobile user traffic and 136% in overall visitors after developing new digital experiences with Granicus.

“As our partnership with Granicus has matured, those connections are more intuitive and easier to facilitate.”
Scott Meyer
Digital Programs Manager, City of Olathe
Success Story

Connecting people and services

By partnering with Granicus the Veterans’ Administration’s My HealtheVet increased their audience to over 1 million active subscribers and improved engagement, helping their goal of making healthcare accessible for veterans.

“Getting metrics is important. But being able to use data to pivot on strategy makes an even bigger difference.”
Chip Harman
My HealtheVet Content Strategy Manager, Veterans’ Administration
Success Story
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