A Look Back, A Look Forward

Business teamwork - puzzle pieces

As you may have heard by now, the two leading providers of cloud-based solutions for government – GovDelivery and Granicus – are now one company under a newly branded Granicus. I am thrilled to represent this combined company as CEO going forward, and want to introduce myself and share my vision for the organization as… Read more »

GovDelivery Signs a Deal to Be Acquired by a Group led by Vista Equity Partners… Why it Matters.


GovDelivery had a major announcement this morning. A group led by the top technology investor in the world has signed a deal to acquire our company. This is incredible validation for the opportunity to continue growing a unique company that creates value for the public, our government customers, employees, and investors. This matters because scale… Read more »

What We Can Learn from Private Sector Decision Making


In my many years working with public sector organizations, one question comes up over and over again particularly at the more senior levels of government: How can we be more _________  (fill in the blank with nimble, results-oriented, customer-driven, efficient, or any other adjective out of the MBA vocabulary) like the private sector? The reason… Read more »

The Public Sector is Ready for its own Digital Communications Benchmarks

Every moment of the day, the public sector is changing citizen behavior by reaching the right person at the right time with the right digital message. Commuters are avoiding construction, families are choosing to get vaccinated, entrepreneurs are starting businesses, and more because government’s communication is more direct and more impactful than it has ever… Read more »

Want to Change the World? That’s Marketing


At GovDelivery, we work with organizations solving big problems. For communities across the country, governments are changing the environments we live in, providing the access to care we need and enhancing our abilities to live our best lives. The new reality is that in order to continue to accomplish real-world outcomes, the public sector must… Read more »

Still Not Using Text Messaging? 5 Billion Reasons Why You Should Reconsider

Text messaging (SMS) is a growing digital channel in the public sector, and it’s understandable why: there are over 5 billion mobile phone users around the world. As the public sector’s use of mobile to connect with various audiences continues to grow, we’ve learned a lot about what makes for a successful civic outreach campaign.… Read more »