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Equitable reach

Government services are often necessity based, making it critical that equity underpins access to, and use of digital government resources.


Driving awareness, engagement, and accessibility

Increase public awareness and accessibility to services. Through user-friendly digital capabilities and data analytics, Granicus fosters engagement, ensures inclusive design, and enables continuous service improvements for all.

While seemingly simple, it’s critical for government to focus on the basics of who they need to reach, how best to reach them and what information those individuals need to know. Granicus partners with government at all levels to do just that.

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Beyond being aware of government services, individuals need to be able to easily take the right next step for services. Granicus is a trusted partner in supporting governments in building and deploying digital capabilities to maximize engagement.

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The public’s ability to use critical government services shouldn’t be complicated. Granicus works with government to ensure digital interactions are intuitive and user-friendly. We’ll work with you to make sure your digital experience doesn’t leave anyone behind.

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The value of data—both existing and outcome-based—can’t be overstated when delivering necessary services to the public, especially marginalized populations. Granicus is a strategic partner to governments, helping them to leverage their existing data and couple it with newly collected data to continuously deliver services and identify service delivery gaps.

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Prioritizing transparency

Denver had scalability challenges when addressing and implementing equitable tools for the public. To revamp their capabilities, they developed a “Universal Design” aimed at meeting the needs of all residents, including those with disabilities or those who are non-English speakers.

“For us, digital accessibility is about removing barriers.”
Karen Pellegrin
Citywide Digital Accessibility Coordinator, City and County of Denver, CO
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Deliver services to those who need them most

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Increasing equity across all governments


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Develop and execute equitable experiences

Reach individuals where they are with the services they need through intuitive, easy-to-use government capabilities and strategies.

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Partner with Granicus to implement accessible, secure tools

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