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govService PRR

Streamline Public Records Request Management

With Granicus’ govService, clerks can easily review, assign, and complete both routine records and FOIA requests. The technology is adaptable, easy to implement, and can be customized to meet your organization’s unique processes. Residents can request, track, and pay for records requests from the govService Customer Portal or through traditional (in-person and via mail) channels.

Improve Service

Save time and cut costs while making submission and tracking easier for residents

Do more with less

With automated workflows you can minimize errors, reduce paper processing, streamline communications and reduce processing time by 80%.

Modernize the resident experience

By providing residents a seamless experience across contact points (online, in-person, and more), they can access their requests 24/7. 

See immediate improvements

Thanks to short implementation timelines and easy integrations with existing systems you can achieve service and process improvements — not to mention ROI — quickly

Cut fulfillment times and reduce hassle

With fully supported workflows, teams can easily communicate with requesters and collaborate with other departments.

User-friendly digital experience

End-to-end resident experience allows residents to request, track progress, and receive records via a single Customer Portal.

Optimized for digital, channel agnostic

User-friendly technology allows staff to process requests—whether requests are submitted digitally, in person, or via phone—through the govService Customer Service Hub.


Platform solution that enables agencies to launch and update automated public records request functions quickly and easily.

Peer-sourced government best practices

Customer Portal and best practices peer-sourced from 4,500+ government agencies help ensure customers choose to self-serve while convenient web and PRR templates enable staff to get started immediately.

Increase efficiency

Reduce the time dedicated to reviewing, routing, and completing requests regardless of type by automating routine tasks and ensuring only complete requests are submitted.


No-code technology allows employees to manage, update, and expand public records services independently, without additional assistance from Granicus or third-party consultants.

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