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Your New Branding Questions Answered

We are excited to showcase a new brand at Granicus that reflects our new combined company with our partners at GovDelivery. As one Granicus, we look forward to continue providing industry-leading solutions to help your organization turn your missions into quantifiable realities.

Watch this video that tells our story.

To help you during the transition, here is an FAQ to address any questions you might have:

  • Will anything change from a product standpoint?

While there will be some cosmetic changes to the products you use every day in order to update colors and logos, products will continue to function in the same way. Our teams will continue to improve products, including feature enhancements, regularly as they do today. Over time, enhanced compatibility between legacy products will be part of the normal product improvement and release schedule.

  • Will the URL to sign up for alerts be changing?

Your subscriber alert URLs will stay as is (public.govdelivery/accounts/….) for the foreseeable future.  We aren’t planning to update those URLs anytime soon and if ever occurs, we will communicate multiple times and give lots of advanced notes.

  • Will my Client Success Consultant (CSC) change?

There are no immediate plans to change client success consultant alignment. As always, territories can and do change to ensure you are getting the hands on attention required to ensure that the tools are meeting your needs to drive outcomes and improve the citizen experience. Any future changes will be communicated directly to those impacted.

  • Does this brand update mean my CSC’s email will change?

On February 24th, all email addresses will change to addresses. But don’t worry, if you forget, addresses will be appropriately forwarded for the forseeable future. Anyone currently reachable via a address will retain the same email going forward.

  • Where should I go for technical support?

For questions or technical support, please contact our customer support team at info@granicus.comYou may also access support numbers and resources on our support page.

  • Is the GovDelivery Communications Cloud changing its name?

While as a larger company we will operate entirely as Granicus, we know the GovDelivery name and brand is important to you, and to maintaining clarity for all users. Therefore, the Communications Cloud will retain the GovDelivery name. It will continue to be easy to find information on the Communications Cloud and other communications products, as part of the GovDelivery Communications Suite.

  • Are the legacy GovDelivery solutions still FedRAMP certified?

Yes! Granicus continues to maintain the rigorous FedRAMP security standards for GovDelivery Communications Cloud products and features. We continue to be committed to the highest security standards across all product suites.

  • What other solutions does Granicus now offer?

Granicus now offers three suites of products, the GovDelivery Communications Suite, Meeting and Agenda Suite, and Digital Services Suite. All of these products are currently deployed and your organization may be using any number of solutions.

  1. GovDelivery Communications Suite packages industry-leading communications tools that allow government organizations to engage citizens in a multi-channel and targeted way. For more information, download the GovDelivery Communications Suite overview.
  2. Granicus’ Digital Services offerings bring government ever closer to meeting the ever-increasing citizen expectation that their interactions with government take place in a digital and/or online manner. For more information, download the Granicus Digital Services overview.
  3. The Granicus Meeting and Agenda Suite allows government staffers to streamline workflows, promote cross-departmental efficiency and collaboration, and establish meaningful connections with citizens – online, over social networks, and on mobile devices. For more information, download the Granicus Meeting and Agenda Suite overview.
  • Where can I go if I would like to set up a meeting to discuss how Granicus solutions could work for my organization?

We would love to connect with you! Please email us at to set up a meeting.

It is an honor to provide technology for the people who are changing our world. For additional questions or information, please reach out to us! We can be reached at