Security Essentials in the Digital Age

Security Esssentials with Mr FedRAMP

In a world under constant threat from viruses, phishing attempts and other security issues, it’s more important than ever for your agency to protect citizen information. During the 2018 Granicus National Summit, attendees heard about the importance of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and why every Granicus solution is built with a… Read more »

3 Things You Should Know About Mr. FedRAMP


If you know Granicus, you’ve probably heard of FedRAMP before. It’s full name is the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, and it’s the first government-wide security authorization program mandatory for all agencies and all cloud services. But do you know about Mr. FedRAMP? If not, here are a few facts about the man who… Read more »

New Standards on Cloud Security with FedRAMP


The original of this post was featured on  The explosion of cloud technologies in the early 2010s was followed by a subsequent explosion of cybersecurity breaches that caused many government organizations to rethink transitioning to the cloud. To address these concerns, a government-wide program, FedRAMP, was launched in 2012, to produce a set of… Read more »

5 Trends in Government Technology We’ll See in 2017


This post was originally featured on LinkedIn. There’s a lot of great thinking on the future of government technology going on right now.  Jennifer Pahlka (CEO of Code for America) is writing a fantastic series over at Medium. Bill Eggers’ new book on Delivering on Digital is a must-read for the new government leaders. I… Read more »

Five Lessons Learned from the FedRAMP Process

This commentary was reposted from The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, for good reasons, set a high bar for certifications. Developing a cloud solution to be authorized by FedRAMP is, therefore, a non-trivial pursuit. During the past year my firm has been immersed in the successful pursuit of FedRAMP authorizations for four distinct cloud… Read more »