Fremont Police Department Website Redesign

How Fremont Police Department Improved Public Perception & Engagement With a New Website

Fremont Police Department last updated their website over ten years ago. The navigation was difficult, the layout was aging, and the site wasn’t mobile-friendly.

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Created under a tight 6-month deadline, the modern and professional website connects 1,600 weekly visitors to the information, services, and opportunities that matter most.

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With thoughtful, mobile-friendly navigation, the new website promotes a modern brand and sparks citizen engagement. The Granicus team helped meet a tight deadline without compromising quality.


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Faster Citizen Engagement

City Fremont

“We never had such a strong community response with the old website. The new govAccess website strengthens our brand and is more user-friendly, which makes the community more inclined to get involved.”

Amy Gee, Management Analyst, Fremont Police Department