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  • Success Story
  • Cupertino, CA

Cupertino, CA creates transparency using govService

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As a city driven by data, Cupertino, CA wanted to transform their 311 system into a customer-focused insights powerhouse. Using govService OneView Essentials, along with its Knowledge Base and Single-Sign On add-on modules, helped the city integrate its existing systems with a powered service request management solution. Additionally, the customer portal has transparent and effective service delivery that residents, staff, and city leaders take pride in.


  • 60,257 Population
  • 1.75 average number of days to close a service request
  • Improved service delivery to residents
  • Enhanced visibility and efficiency in request processing
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Finding Ways to Understand and Share City Data

As part of a city-wide focus on data, the City of Cupertino was looking for ways to be more transparent with its residents and staff about 311 service requests, but their existing system was limited. Service requests could not be tracked easily because they were being sent directly to personal email inboxes, creating stress for staff. Department leaders and staff could not understand what was happening across the city, let alone manage team assignments and evaluate resolution statistics.

Additionally, residents had no insight into requests at all. With customer service suffering, Cupertino needed a data-focused solution that would connect seamlessly with their Cityworks asset management system while also improving visibility and customer service for residents.

“Having the public visibility that we were lacking in our previous system has been really helpful. Citizens can see that requests are being handled through the city, being completed, and that the work’s actually being done. That’s really important.”
Teri Gerhardt, GIS Division Manager, City of Cupertino

Bringing Service Requests into the City’s Existing Workflow

Cupertino involved members of its Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Code Enforcement, and other departments when selecting govService OneView to ensure the selected solution met the city’s 311 requirements for both residents and staff. Since launching in 2017, OneView Essentials, which the city branded as Cupertino Connect, has empowered residents to submit service requests or connect with city resources via a mobile app or online.

OneView’s integrations with Cityworks contributed to Cupertino’s data-focused culture. Reporting APIs allow important 311 engagement data to be shared with data visualization applications like Microsoft Power BI so staff can gain insights into what’s happening around the city. In addition, 311 data is available to residents via a publicly accessible dashboard, making government interactions more transparent.


Expediting Service Requests Towards Swift Resolution

govService OneView adds visibility and efficiency to 311 and service requests to a data-driven city like Cupertino. The platform has improved service delivery and exceeded the expectations of staff, city leaders, and residents. Cupertino configured OneView to quickly direct the right request types to the right staff member, saving time and driving collaboration between departments. Since it also integrates well with Cityworks, staff can handle work orders without jumping across systems. And residents can interact with OneView online and via the mobile app, making it easy to submit and track service requests using any mobile device.