Create, Relate, and Communicate: How to Improve your Agency’s Reputation in Three Simple Steps

By Tara Lerman, Content Fellow at GovDelivery With all of the controversy surrounding American politics today, it has become increasingly common for citizens to criticize their governments. However, what many of these citizens haven’t considered is that while some government programs are not succeeding in their efforts, many agencies are helping people in ways they… Read more »

Cultivating the Karass at Code for America

By Erin Hargove, Client Success Consultant Last week I was lucky enough to spend three days in Oakland, CA at the Code for America Summit.  I thought these three days would consist of talking about java script and the merits of open source technology. Much to my surprise, my main takeaway ended up being a vocabulary… Read more »

Minnesota Department of Health shares 5 tips for outreach success

State, local and federal health agencies the country share a common goal to improve the health and well being of all people. While some agencies still rely solely on traditional communication channels like direct mail and broadcast media to get important health information to the public, more health teams are looking at direct digital engagement strategies to… Read more »

Partner with other government organizations and reach more people

Most people understand the power of professional networking as individuals, yet surprisingly few recognize its potential on an organizational level. As a public sector employee, you might partner with dozens of other organizations on a regular basis for a variety of important initiatives; but if you aren’t also harnessing the power of those partnerships through strategic… Read more »

What’s next for transportation?

Transportation is evolving – and there was no better place to watch advancement in the industry take place than the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Event in Washington D.C. This year, GovDelivery met with hundreds of public sector transportation professionals across all levels of government and received nearly 100 survey responses on technology trends to… Read more »

48 State agencies’ insights on recruitment, retention and re-engagement

What happens when you bring together government agencies from 48 states in one place to talk about digital outreach? As it turns out, a lot of insight. GovDelivery had the opportunity to attend and present on digital outreach strategies at the Recreation Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) 2014 State Marketing Workshop last week in Atlanta, where communication… Read more »