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License Management Software & Government Permit Management

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Permitting and Licensing Software for Local Government

Granicus' SmartGov™ (formerly Brightly's) world-class license and permit management software helps governments drive revenue growth and easily manage permitting, licensing, code enforcement, inspections and more.


Cloud-based licensing and permitting solution for local and state jurisdictions that promotes revenue growth, citizen confidence and cost savings in one easy-to-use platform.


Maximize efficiencies by automating permitting, planning, business licensing and inspection processes


Increase citizen confidence and satisfaction with an intuitive citizen portal for building permits, tracking and payments


Enhance visibility and transparency with a full suite of built-in and customizable reports and visuals


Conduct on-site compliance inspections and review tasks from any mobile device

Success Stories

Learn how SmartGov is helping governments transform the permitting & operations experience for both residents and staff.

“Once we instituted SmartGov, I was no longer having to complete the very time-consuming ‘permit forensics’ when addressing a customer complaint. SmartGov has it all in there. It captures all of that.”

Chris Phillips, Development Services Director, Mount Vernon, WA
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"We can now serve the community by providing a necessary service to residents in a way that is effective and truly a service."

Jonathan Lee, GIS Manager, Franklin County Economic Development and Planning
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“The ability for increased collaboration and accountability across departments has allowed for staff to process permits more efficiently with a smaller number of staff than in previous years.”

Jerome Keene, Senior Planner, Subcontractor to City of Delano
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“We now have a lower volume of calls and a lower volume of emails, because everyone is using the portal and things are getting done quicker and more efficiently.”

Philip Kersey, Building Official for City of Longwood, Florida
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"The ease-of-use tracking tasks helped to significantly shrink the backlog of permits in need of final inspection and cases are no longer falling through the cracks."

Luke LaBuhn, Public Information Officer and Records Clerk, Perry Township
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Do More Than Your Average Government
Permitting Software

Dramatically reduce time, costs and errors associated with permit processing, business licensing, code enforcement and inspections by tracking and managing all processes and tasks in a unified, user-friendly system.


Build a stronger connection with your community while saving time and money by allowing citizens to submit applications and check real-time status updates online 24/7.


Make applications and requests easy for users to submit and reduce response times to ensure citizens follow through with proper permitting procedures and work is done safely.


Maximize detailed visibility and transparency with a full suite of pre-built and customizable reports and visuals.


Smart Permitting and Licensing Management

Empowering efficiency, transparency, and citizen engagement with every interaction.

Managing Permitting & Inspections

Streamline permit processing and inspections with automated permit flow and approval processes. Customize unlimited permit types, forms and requirements to meet your organizational needs and streamline citizen engagement for faster processing.

Take Charge of Planning and Zoning

Organize and manage resources for planning applications in a single platform with up-to-date zoning and property data and reports. Drive development and justify funding with built-in organization tools that will make your next planning application easy and successful.

Streamline the Business Licensing Process

Manage timelines, fees, inspections, online payments and even automate renewal notifications using our cloud-based business licensing software. Forecast revenues for business licenses easily with accessible renewal and violation data.

Empower Citizens with a Public Portal

Allow citizens to submit applications, track permit status and review real-time inspection results on any device for increased satisfaction and transparency. Using government asset management software like SmartGov to handle permits and licenses will build trust as you optimize communication with your community.

GIS Mapping Integration

Visualize geographic information system (GIS) layers alongside permits, projects, inspections and code enforcement cases with ArcGIS integration. Identify and assign tasks based on geographic parameters and quickly identify areas of interest regarding new development or code violations.

Create Real-Time Reports

Manage permit lifecycle, licenses and enforcement cases, then create reports in real time or on interval schedules. Maintain detailed visibility with custom reports and visuals that help drive efficiency and justify funding.

Find It All in One Place

With SmartGov’s cloud-based design, your staff can stay connected to the tasks and data that matter to them wherever they are. When everyone has the information they need, you can drive efficiency and do your best work.

From approval workflows to inspection and code enforcement routes, reduce the strain on your personnel with the permitting platform that does it all.

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