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How to Simplify Permitting and Licensing from One Platform

From a citizen perspective, there’s no secret as to how people feel about how long it takes to do things when the government is involved — especially when it comes to anything construction, building, or business-related. Chances are, even the employees involved feel similarly.

When you’re thinking permits, inspections, or even business licensing, a big pain point for everyone in this scenario (besides outlasting the time it takes) is to do anything, you have to remember your username and passwords to log into um-teen different platforms or worse, rely on paper. Yes, paper! In today’s day and age, especially at the end of the day, it all feels like it could be centralized and streamlined.

And it can!

At Granicus, we’re reimagining how jurisdictions, governments, and municipalities improve the citizen experience while gaining a whole plethora of benefits. Benefits like increased revenue, improved safety, and one word you don’t often hear associated with government: flexibility.

Read on to learn more about how Granicus’ SmartGov™ solution is an effective tool to simplify permitting, planning, business licensing, and inspection processes — and increase constituent satisfaction.

One centralized platform for efficiency

Just like how citizens want to check the status of their permits or licenses easily, in-office employees like having the data they need available, while your inspectors appreciate being able to access what they need in the field.

With a user-friendly portal, citizens and contractors can apply, track, and pay for their necessary permits and business licenses. Administrative staff can lean on the platform to automatically prompt citizens when it’s renewal time or if a payment is due, and your inspectors have the information necessary (and a place to put their part) when they’re on the job.

When you leverage a solution like SmartGov, everything gets a little easier. All that data (think applications, payments, action items, requests, approvals, etc.) gets captured in one spot! That means it’s accessible when you need it, often much easier to find than a stray document stored who knows where, and communication can be contained and kept on record.

Hello, visibility

Want to look up data on a parcel quickly? Are you curious if all safety steps have been followed? Would you like to maximize your revenue? If your community development department still relies on paper, you’re likely missing out on valuable insight that can help with decision-making or money-making opportunities.

At Granicus, we get that it’s hard to build thriving communities in the dark, so our SmartGov solution was designed to enhance visibility and transparency. Leverage a full suite of built-in and customizable reports and visuals to boost communication and use your data to make the strategic moves that will enable your town or jurisdiction to confidently plan well into the future.

Yes, there’s a (m)app for that

Constructing your dream community? You need more than just the records. With GIS integration, gain the power to visualize geographic information system (GIS) layers alongside permits, projects, inspections, and code enforcement cases.

Granicus SmartGov helps you identify and assign tasks based on geographic parameters and quickly identify areas of interest regarding new developments or code violations. You can also streamline inspections by location or access layers to view the full local picture when planning.

Get your community on the Granicus side of growth

At Granicus, we’ve considered Permitting, Compliance, and Licensing solutions (PCL) for governments from every angle, including leveraging GIS capabilities, and created software that works for everyone. Whether your goal is to drive growth and eliminate the hassle associated with permitting and business licensing or customize and streamline your everyday process, SmartGov delivers the alignment and ease of use you need.

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