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All Request Types

Streamline processes, serve all parties, and mitigate risk associated with Subpoenas, Legal Holds, Discovery, Complaints, and other types of government compliance requests.

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Proven Outcomes

Choose the supported, scalable, secure request management system that works across all departments and request types...for public records and beyond — including subpoenas, legal holds, discovery, interagency, correspondence, complaints, citizen service requests, and more. Configured to your specific needs, GovQA solutions from Granicus are relied on by more state and local government records departments than any others.

Comprehensive Solutions

Reduce or eliminate manual processes with GovQA automated workflow software, accessible from anywhere...any time.

Centralize and Monitor

Standardize collaboration — always know who has what and where it’s located.

Secure Data and Reduce Risk

The highest level of security and data protection available to governments — fully CJIS, HIPAA, NIST, FISMA compliant.

Automate Actions

Improve efficiency and timeliness with custom-configured workflows, escalations, notifications and reports.


Eliminate reliance on labor-intensive manual processes and costly materials by moving online — with no file size limitations.

Public Safety Expertise

Bringing Law and Order to Records Compliance:
Serve All Parties

For All Requests Types

  • Arrest Records
  • Accident Reports
  • 911 Call Transcripts
  • Dashcam
  • Bodycam
  • Surveillance Video
  • Disciplinary Records
  • Case Files
  • Detention Records
  • Interagency Requests


  • Process all types of requests internal and external
  • Effectively manage routine and high-profile event related requests
  • Redact exempt material securely inside GovQA for cost- and time-savings
  • Collect fees online


  • Gain best-in-class hosting with Microsoft Azure Government
  • Reduce unauthorized downloads with limitable links


  • Improve accountability and communication
  • Ensure consistent releases
  • Mitigate risk with defensible audit trail

Centralize & Standardize Request Management

Reduce Manual Processes and Materials
Save Money, Gain Time for Critical Missions

Reduce or eliminate reliance on labor-intensive processes with GovQA digital-first solutions. Ingest any file type with no size limitations while encrypting data and attachments with complete backup. All parties access a secure portal for effortless collaboration.


Custom Configured Workflows and Processes
Automate Actions

Dedicated implementation teams configure your portals specifically for your organization and its unique process needs. With automated workflows to streamline routing, escalating, tracking, and logging; alerts and notifications to requesters and staff are based on your triggers; and powerful inline redaction tools to ensure confidence in confidentiality


Central Oversight and Control
Manage Processes

Dashboards, at-a-glance status indicators, and powerful reporting tools clarify priorities with scheduled, on-demand, and custom reports. A full defensible audit trail captures all activity, views, and clicks to reduce litigation risk. And Request Nesting allows unlimited layering and installments grouped hierarchically under the original request.


Streamline Any Request Type

Replace manual processes and point solutions with modern, highly-configurable solutions from Granicus that give you time back in your day. Automate workflows to centralize, standardize, secure, and streamline...while reducing risk and stress.


  • Automatically route, escalate, track, distribute, and log subpoenas, summons, deposition records, and legal reviews

  • Improve your efficiency, timeliness, and compliance

  • Seamless, secure collaboration with law enforcement, attorneys, and judicial agencies

Legal Holds

  • Communicate legal hold notifications in bulk groups

  • Track every action and acknowledgement

  • Automatically deliver files to legal as they arrive

  • Redact protected data, package evidence, and transfer custody


  • Effectively and securely process requests between agencies online

  • Reduce paper-based procedures and records silos that can result in gaps, delays, and redundancies

  • Systematically verify credentials


  • Exchange evidence and other information from appropriate parties — whether internal or external

  • Collaborate online

  • Improve compliance with criminal justice laws


  • Simplify investigation of complaints, feedback, commendations, and all supporting documentation

  • Ensure compliance with strict standards and policies

  • Seamlessly collaborate internally and externally


  • Centralize communications to and from elected officials and their aides, legislative bodies, and the public

  • Respond quickly to all parties

  • Reduce risk exposure

Citizen Requests

  • Process requests end-to-end through resolution

  • Keep stakeholders informed 24/7

  • Offer multi-lingual portals

Public Records Requests

  • Reduce risk and friction

  • Ensure compliance

  • Increase public trust

  • Get time back in your day

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