Crafting Mobile Friendly Experiences

Mobile website traffic accounts for about half of web traffic (between 50% and 54% on average). That’s considerable. We use our smartphones for just about everything and we have zero patience for sites with a bad design that’s difficult to navigate. So, what considerations must governments make when designing their mobile sites?

It starts with the right design and content management system (CMS), but it doesn’t end there. Even a CMS with built-in mobile/responsive design isn’t enough. Your entire team of web editors must also have a crystal-clear set of standards to guide their strategy including:

  • Who is going to be using the website?
  • What are they using it for?
  • What content is most relevant for that audience?
  • And much more

In this webinar, Jose Otero walks through tactical tips and takeaways for developing a resident-friendly website strategy that empowers effective user experiences.

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