SpeakUp crowdsources information through online forums to help agencies gather input and public comments, prioritize projects and make the best decisions for their community.

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    Guide discussions

    Survey constituents for early stage feedback on community ideas, receive public input to truly understand areas of concern, and open items for discussion amongst the larger group, all the while maintaining control of the conversation with built in safeguards such as login requirements, profanity filters and the option to flag inappropriate content.

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    Respond to open a dialogue

    Let your community know you’re listening and encourage greater participation by acknowledging ideas. Administrators can change the status of ideas as they are considered and planned internally. Contributors can follow an idea’s progress and stay involved in the decision-making process.

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    Gain deeper insight

    Additional perspective is available by running backend demographic and feedback analytics to build a representation of who is participating, where they’re from and how they’ve interacted.

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    Understand what matters most

    By monitoring and participating in discussions and feedback, policy makers are able to maintain a better understanding of the issues that community members care about the most.

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    Connect to a larger audience

    Organizations can invite larger audience participation by tapping into existing social media followers and inviting participation from their organization’s website.

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    Streamline feedback to decision-makers

    Feedback can be passed directly into the hands of decision-makers, most simply through integration with iLegislate, another powerful Granicus tool.

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Tools like SpeakUp and eComment establish a continuum for pre-policy planning and public feedback in addition to the public participation that occurs at the meetings… Project pages [give the public] the opportunity to provide feedback on city projects and comment on agenda items.

LaTonda Simmons, City Clerk, Oakland, California

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