Interactive Text’s web platform sends, receives, and analyzes text messages so organizations can reach citizens with the technology already in their pocket.

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    Feedback by text

    When citizens initiate a text conversation, the program engages them in dialogue through dynamic responses and prompts, gathering information and feedback.

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    Participation from all

    With thoughtful promotion, Interactive Text opens communication for greater participation in your project from all citizens; it solicits feedback from groups who may be easier to reach and/or more open to interacting on a mobile device than other platforms.

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    Cut through the noise

    97% of American adults text, and text messages are on average read in under 5 seconds.

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    Online dashboard

    Responses are displayed for easy review on an intuitive dashboard, breaking down information into easy-to-read graphs and charts.

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    Engage the public

    Start conversations, educate constituents on initiatives and follow up on results with the collected feedback from Interactive Text.

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Capturing new subscribers during severe weather

When severe weather hits, citizens come looking for information about public service changes and closures. For many residents, it’s the first time they’re visiting their council’s website, so it’s a huge opportunity for organizations to capture new subscribers who they otherwise may not have engaged. For example, already in the last couple of days (before any… Get more from Reach the Public »

Webinar Recap: Solutions for Special Districts

Special Districts face unique challenges in their autonomy. Operating separately from state, local and federal offices, they can struggle to meet transparency and accessibility demands from the public on a smaller budget. Experts at Granicus joined a webinar hosted on Tuesday by the Special District Association of Colorado, to talk about the changing demands of… Get more from Reach the Public »

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