Take Communications Cloud capabilities to the next level, without creating more work. Cut through the noise and reach citizens with the right information at the right time in the way they want it with proven approaches such as greater audience segmentation, personalization, message testing and automation.

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    Launch sophisticated campaigns

    Advanced Package’s prebuilt onboarding and re-engagement campaigns allow communicators to build a strong relationship with citizens from first interaction or nudge unresponsive recipients into reactivation.

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    Automate email scheduling

    Take campaigns one step further by building custom campaigns that automate marketing plans with custom messages and delivery schedules.

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    Personalize messaging

    Deliver customized messaging that appeals completely to personal needs of constituents rather than partially to huge populations.

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    Segment populations

    Segments can be built using existing Communications Cloud data or from other collected demographic information via the Granicus Connect tool. Ultimately, organizations have the power to target and refine their audience beyond topic subscriptions, allowing communicators to maximize their reach and engagement efforts.

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    Test and Improve

    Perform simple A/B tests to learn what really resonates with your citizens. Send two message versions with varying language or design adjustments to random audience samples, and then take immediate advantage of these insights by sending the best version to the remaining population.

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This has been an extremely powerful intervention for a low cost measure - [The GovDelivery Communications Cloud with Advanced Package] has transformed the way our small business customers interact with us.

Gareth Jones, Digital Design and Product Team Lead, HM Revenue and Customs (UK)

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