Empowering government to build better resident and employee experiences and get more value out of their civic engagement technology.

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The Granicus Civic Engagement Platform The first and only solution purpose-built to connect government and people.

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One Platform to Transform Your Resident Experience

The Granicus Civic Engagement Platform enables government agencies to transform how they connect with the public through a unified experience that integrates website, online services, digital communications, and more. Government teams work more efficiently and provide better service with solutions that transform residents’ journey, reaching and serving every resident equally and inclusively.

Powerful Technology to Better Connect People and Government

No- and Low-Code Digital Solution

Arm staff to rapidly build and iterate resident experiences – no need for technical skills and coding experience – with instantaneous content/service updates. Avoid the costs and delays required when relying on third parties to make changes.

Unified, Intuitive Digital Experience

Build modern, resident-first experiences that serve as a digital front door you can be proud of; provide easy, online access to information, services, and opportunities to engage in the legislative process.

Expanded Reach for Your Whole Community

Reach and engage more people leveraging the Granicus Subscriber Network of 300 million residents to build an audience and enable opt-in communications on the topics that matter most. Write once and publish everywhere across channels; use AI to suggest additional ways to engage.

Improved Efficiency and Easier Collaboration

Enable fully digital resident journeys, eliminating paper, in-person visits and saving time for people and government. Connect residents’ data together – across all of your departments - to improve your employee and resident experiences.

Deeper Insight to Serve Communities Equitably

Embed feedback opportunities into all online interactions with government – for example, web pages, email, public meetings. Make data-driven decisions and fine-tune operations with input from the whole community – not just a vocal few.

Trusted by more than 5,500 Government Organizations

Granicus is the leading provider of citizen engagement technologies and services with its first-and-only Civic Engagement Platform, used by more than 500,000 public servants and 60,000 government communicators. See how your peers are working toward a more connected government that enables contactless interactions and uses data, AI, machine learning, and two-way feedback to drive continuous improvement of customer and staff experiences.

Tangible Benefits for Residents and Employees

Digital Front Door

Resident-first website easing resident government interactions


Intuitive service experience completed 100% online

A Single Log-In

Unified customer experience with history and ability to modify interactions in progress


Relevant digital communications, delivered through residents’ preferred channels

At-Home Participation

Engagement in the legislative process from the comfort of your home

Easy Feedback Sharing

Prompts to share input at every touchpoint in the resident journey

Expanded Reach

Connections with more of your community with the Granicus Subscriber Network of 300M

Lower Costs

Elimination of paper-based processing and reduce demands on your call center

Improved Customer Service

Centralized CRM aggregating customer data and past transactions

Data and Insights

Rich intelligence and reporting to adjust civic experiences, driven by resident feedback and actions

Empowered Workers

Low- and no-code tools that enable any government worker to make dynamic, data-backed changes to the customer experience

Best Practice Sharing

Access to countless best practices from a network of 500k government users

Granicus Customers Speak Out


“The more you can allow residents to customize their information experience, the better off everybody is.”

Doug Bear, Kitsap County, WA

“With Granicus, we could tie our service platform, our website, and our digital communications all together. With one vendor, we could ask a single question with one point of contact instead of asking three vendors the same question.”

Samantha Radomski, Clay County, FL

“We learned that many people in the populations we serve do not have regular access to a computer, but nearly everyone has a smartphone. Texting became a critical communication tool for us, especially when COVID hit.”

Marni Lemons, Indiana FSSA

“It used to take weeks to make even small changes, but with Granicus we have complete control and can make changes very quickly.”

Huw Ap Dui, Digital Projects Officer, Wrexham

"Our website is a way to push the envelope technologically while providing services to the public. It’s been a lot of fun."

Tiarra Earls Haas, Communications Officer, Maricopa County, AZ