Change is Coming to Advanced Bulletin Editor

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Your experience with Communications Cloud Advanced Bulletin Editor is getting an upgrade. We’ve been listening to our customers and having conversations with people like you to see how we can improve the message content creation experience and which changes would be most impactful to your success. Since then, we’ve been working hard to implement those… Read more »

A Look Back, A Look Forward

Business teamwork - puzzle pieces

As you may have heard by now, the two leading providers of cloud-based solutions for government – GovDelivery and Granicus – are now one company under a newly branded Granicus. I am thrilled to represent this combined company as CEO going forward, and want to introduce myself and share my vision for the organization as… Read more »

Treating Citizens as Customers


The original of this post was featured on  Can the government truly have “customers”? Someone who orders a fishing license or buys a license plate fits the literal definition of a customer – a person purchasing goods or services from an organization. But let’s say someone just needs a flu shot, or is signing… Read more »

What Does it Take to Roll Out a New Citizen Service?

This post was originally featured on NextGov. “Is this something people will use?” That’s the one question government employees should ask themselves before launching a new product or digital service. Why? We often think building and implementing a tool is the greatest challenge, but in practice, the hardest part is driving people to use it. This… Read more »

GovDelivery Signs a Deal to Be Acquired by a Group led by Vista Equity Partners… Why it Matters.


GovDelivery had a major announcement this morning. A group led by the top technology investor in the world has signed a deal to acquire our company. This is incredible validation for the opportunity to continue growing a unique company that creates value for the public, our government customers, employees, and investors. This matters because scale… Read more »

What We Can Learn from Private Sector Decision Making


In my many years working with public sector organizations, one question comes up over and over again particularly at the more senior levels of government: How can we be more _________  (fill in the blank with nimble, results-oriented, customer-driven, efficient, or any other adjective out of the MBA vocabulary) like the private sector? The reason… Read more »