Weekly Welcome: Skagit County, WA and Treasure Island, FL


A Series Highlighting Our Latest Customers

We’re excited to welcome two new customers to our ever-growing customer family and share some of the unique characteristics that led them to the Granicus civic engagement platform. While this week’s customers are located on opposite ends of the country, they are united by a common desire to have a more transparent, accessible, and modern government that improves their residents’ experience.

Launched: govDelivery, govService, and govMeetings Modernize Skagit County, WA

Skagit County—a rural community located in Washington state’s Seattle-Tacoma area and best known for its annual Tulip Festival—is actively working to encourage trust in their community, pursue cyber-security, and build a reliable citizen engagement solution. COVID-19 necessitated the execution of the county’s planned five-year digital transformation roadmap in six faced-paced months. Partnering with Granicus, Skagit County implemented govDelivery to help the county deliver critical messages during the start of the pandemic and added govMeetings to their civic engagement approach to simplify their boards and commissions management process. After implementation, Skagit County plans to use the intuitive integration between govDelivery and govMeetings, Send Agenda, where finalized agendas can be sent out through govDelivery, earning back hours of valuable staff time and energy. During a time when every dollar counts, Skagit County also invested in govService to modernize their resident services with an online, self-service solution for the people of Skagit County, especially useful because of the physical constraints of the pandemic. The county is currently working with Granicus to finalize the implementation of an e-filing service and a digital permitting service that will reinvent the resident-to-government interaction entirely and simplify the civic service experience for community members and staff alike.

Launched: Treasure Island, FL, Upgrades with govDelivery and govMeetings

With a humble population of fewer than 7,000 people normally, Treasure Island, FL can get over 20,000 visitors because of its great weather, beaches, and thriving bar and restaurant scene. The city has a total area of less than six square miles and is rumored to have earned its name because the island was mostly unoccupied until the 18th century when pirates and smugglers found safety along the remote coastline. Treasure Island’s city leaders were looking for a better way to communicate with residents and tourists, while remaining as transparent as possible and supporting ADA compliance. They turned to Granicus to help improve civic engagement and grow their audience with govDelivery. The addition of govMeetings will enable the county to run meetings effortlessly, complete with video, closed captioning, voting capabilities, and agenda creation and management proficiencies. The pairing of govDelivery and govMeetings also offers an opportunity to utilize these solutions together in an integration called Send Agenda, where finalized agendas can be automatically sent out through govDelivery. Just one example of how Granicus’ civic engagement platform can create ease, modernization, and simplicity in the public sector.

Which Communities will be Featured Next?

We’re proud to welcome the communities of Skagit County, WA, and Treasure Island, FL, to the Granicus family! Stay tuned each week to read about our next set of featured communities, states, and federal agencies. For more about Granicus’ civic engagement platform, and to join the wave of governments implementing these types of digital tools, book a guided demo today!

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