Just Launched: Package of Advanced Marketing Capabilities for Government Communicators

Scale, Engagement, and Time Matter — Advanced Package for the Communications Cloud are the Solution

Big news today at GovDelivery… Today we officially launched a package of advanced marketing capabilities available through the GovDelivery Communications Cloud to improve the citizen customer experience.  The timing couldn’t be better after just wrapping up the commemoration of National Customer Service Week. Our new capabilities give public sector communicators better insight into the needs of citizens and better ability to promote and enhance online transactions, promote behavior change through public awareness, and improve citizen engagement.

These new capabilities are built for you, our forward-thinking government communicators, ready to build on what you’ve achieved to make communication with the public more impactful than ever.  The enhancements culminate from years of work from various teams within GovDelivery, strategic customer feedback, and robust investment in infrastructure upgrades.

A New Package that Builds on the Foundation of the Standard Capabilities You Use Everyday

GovDelivery’s standard capabilities allow government to execute a truly world class communications strategy by growing digital outreach and communicating in a timely and streamlined manner.  You already cross-promote content across an existing audience of over 90 million citizens and 1,000 other government agencies through the GovDelivery Network. You have the capabilities to inform, engage, and convert a digital audience to action.

The advanced package of digital marketing capabilities adds streamlined marketing capabilities that can take an organization’s digital outreach to the next level by incorporating greater degrees of audience segmentation, personalization, message testing, and mobile engagement.

Pre-Built Digital Campaigns

Sometimes government communicators simply don’t have the time to execute sophisticated marketing techniques such as welcome messages or content designed to engage inactive subscribers. Organizations such as the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, have shown that pre-built campaigns increase engagement metrics and deliverability by creating automated touch-points for every subscriber. These campaigns allow you to avoid having to “reinvent the wheel” with template communications so you can onboard new digital audiences and increase engagement among existing digital audiences.  Seem overwhelming? GovDelivery’s Digital Engagement Services team can help you setup and execute this next stage of campaigns if your organization does not have capacity to do it on its own.

A/B Testing

When it comes to communication strategy, take the guesswork out of decision-making with built-in message testing. The streamlined A/B Testing capabilities in the Advanced package allow organizations to compare two variables to better optimize a marketing campaign’s success. Test anything from subject lines to images to calls-to-action, to fully leverage your content for maximum audience impact. With this streamlined approach, you can view real-time test results for on the spot optimization or implement a series of tests over time for long-term strategy refinement.


Enhanced Targeting and Audience Segmentation

Another component of the Advanced package is enhanced targeting functionality through dynamic audience segmentation. Here, organizations can create and save audiences based on interests, engagement, tenure, and other important insights. These robust, dynamic, and automated targeting tools take an organization’s digital strategy and customer service offerings to the next level. Segmented messaging creates a better, more relevant experience for your audience, getting you closer to a 1:1 relationship.


Advanced Analytics and Performance Insight

Organizations have enormous amounts of data.  Data-driven decisions require easy access to metrics that matter. The Advanced package for the Communications Cloud includes a self-service dashboard for data where you can conduct reporting, review campaign performance, and share metrics with colleagues. Produce more valuable performance indicators and glean better insights.  Measuring your campaign results, optimizing your digital strategy, and driving continuous improvement will be easier than ever.


Final Thoughts

If you’re using the GovDelivery Communications Cloud, you are already communicating in a world class way with the public.  You’re building a large audience and you’re streamlining communications to create regular touch-points with the public.  Now there is an opportunity to get even more value from your digital outreach.  Whether you are an advanced marketer or just getting started with digital communications, GovDelivery provides seamless and secure communication offerings for public sector organizations.  Through GovDelivery, connecting with citizens — when and how they prefer — is the key to driving interest, awareness, engagement, and action.

We can’t wait to see how you optimize your digital marketing with our latest upgrades.

Learn more by registering for our First Look webinar on October 21 or speak with your Client Success Consultant for more information.

With National Customer Service Week fresh in your mind, think about how you can better reach, engage, and assist your citizen customers. Is now the time to better integrate digital strategies into your citizen communications?

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