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Just Launched: GovDelivery Connect

Sharing the necessary information across platforms to better take care of customer relationships will be easier than ever with GovDelivery’s new Communications Cloud add-on: Connect.

GovDelivery Connect

The most important thing for any government agency is being able to quickly and effectively communicate accurate and relevant information to its citizens. But when contact information for a large audience is housed in multiple CRM systems – such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics – and engagement data is held in another, it becomes extremely difficult to maintain quality communication with each member. Inevitably some citizens are contacted too much, others are left with no contact at all, and none of them are receiving the information they want or need.

With Connect it’s possible to combine complete contacts, engagement data and subscriber information from existing CRM software across your organization to create a 360-degree view of the citizen experience. With just a few clicks, GovDelivery Connect syncs contact information from your CRM and reporting data from GovDelivery Communications Cloud, breaking down information silos.

The Connect add-on will be featured in the same dashboard government communicators who use the Cloud have already learned to operate. No time will be lost to learning a new user interface or navigating to a different platform to access another account – Connect puts everything you need all in one place.

Connect_blog_screenshotConnect currently syncs with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, but in the future will pair more CRMs and existing software with GovDelivery Communications Cloud to paint an even larger picture of your audience’s online interactions with you, and your interactions with them — including who’s getting what emails, who’s opening them and how many have been sent.

Once contacts and reporting data are collected, they are displayed together in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, making it easy to coordinate your messaging and fuel your strategy to help better reach your goals.


Not only can data be collected with just a few clicks, it’s possible to automate the process. Your agency won’t have to dedicate time or personnel to aggregating and organizing data — Connect does it for you.

That organization includes easily customizing what kinds of contacts are synced – making it simple to grow segmented contact lists. For example, instead of importing all contacts into one list, you can sort by criteria such as postal code, the language the email is written in, and other specific qualifications. Those lists, in turn, will allow your agency to segment and pinpoint the interests and needs of certain groups of people, and be able to fill those needs with the correct frequency of the right types of communications.

Multiple list criteria can be saved as an action and used as often as needed, or deleted from the system when it’s no longer relevant, giving government’s digital communications even more flexibility and focus.

Having all that information at your fingertips and all in one place may sound like never-ending project, but with Connect it’s a reality, right now.

Next Stage of Connecting with Citizens

Governments embracing technology and connectivity have a huge potential to improve how they serve the public. This feature allows government to get one step closer to reaching that potential. When governments can communicate effectively and easily with citizens, everyone wins. Citizens attend more government run programs and events, young people sign up for health care for the first time, neighbors volunteer to help with snow removal during winter storms and couples become foster parents.

We are proud to be a part of government moving forward and reaching this potential – and to do it at scale.

For those already using the GovDelivery Communications Cloud, this add-on is just another way to help improve your connection with the citizens you serve.

While you are already using the Cloud to communicate in ways that matter, Connect gives you the tools you need to easily gather and touch base with new contacts quickly and effectively to bring measurable improvement to the citizen experience.

Contact us to learn how you can get a 360 degree view of your citizens’ experience.