Quiz: Could Your A/B Testing Skills Take Home Gold?

In the final days of the Olympics, we’re adding A/B testing to the games. Take our quiz to see where you stand. Olympians train for years to compete among the best to bring home the gold. We think improving digital communications can be trained for as well. We work each day towards a common goal: to build… Read more »

The Public Sector is Ready for its own Digital Communications Benchmarks

Every moment of the day, the public sector is changing citizen behavior by reaching the right person at the right time with the right digital message. Commuters are avoiding construction, families are choosing to get vaccinated, entrepreneurs are starting businesses, and more because government’s communication is more direct and more impactful than it has ever… Read more »

Behind the Envelope: The Easiest Way to Capture More Subscribers

Welcome to Behind the Envelope, a series of posts exploring ways to get the most from GovDelivery. We’ve covered topics such as the GovDelivery Network, increasing subscribers and administrator access, amongst others. Check back often as we’ll continue to publish information that we hope you’ll find valuable. Today we’re talking about overlays and how they… Read more »