GovDelivery Communications Suite

Connect directly with citizens and increase engagement.

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More than 3,000 public sector agencies use our end-to-end solutions to connect with more of their citizens. The GovDelivery Communications Suite focuses on growing your digital audience, building communities around data, and creating modern training experiences.

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GovDelivery Communications Cloud: Core Capabilities

The GovDelivery Communications Cloud is the only digital communications platform helping government inform, engage, and convert 150 million citizens to action via email, text messaging and social media. Unlike private sector marketing technology, the GovDelivery Communications Cloud is the only platform secure enough to be used exclusively by government and proven to double audiences within the first year.

Communications need to be both secure and accessible. GovDelivery conforms to section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and all W3C WCAG Guidelines. With a commitment to maintaining Section 508 Compliance for all of our clients, the Communications Cloud platform is certified by a third party testing organization, The Wehrman Collective (known as WeCo).

GovDelivery Network

As the largest provider of communications solutions to government, the GovDelivery Network enables organizations to reach their audiences at an unprecedented pace. The GovDelivery Network is a powerful community of 150 million citizens worldwide, and a captive audience for government communicators.

Premium Modules

Advanced Digital Marketing Package

Take your Communications Cloud capabilities up a notch, without making more work for yourself. Your organization can meet and exceed citizen expectations for digital engagement in an efficient way.

  • Dynamically segment your audience
  • Add personalization to improve open and click rates
  • Automate message testing and sending
  • Auto-initiate campaigns by schedule or activity

With the Connect add-on, your office will be able to track citizen engagement with your communications in your Customer Relationship Management system (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce) in order to:

  • Sync contact information from your CRM and reporting data from GovDelivery Communications Cloud
  • Create a 360-degree view of the citizen experience, tying interaction with digital communications with other types of data (licensing history, locational data etc.)
Targeted Messaging

Whether it’s an alert to renew a license or a reminder to pay a bill, one-to-one messaging is critical to the transactional functions of governments at every level. Granicus’ Targeted messaging service (TMS) allows millions of personalized messages to be sent at once so your organization can:

  • Deliver and track transactional emails and SMS messages
  • Focus on core business logic and operational needs, such as enrollment, licensing, or renewals
  • Superior delivery, reliability and tracking while leveraging the leading government communications infrastructure
    Save postage and employee costs
Interactive Text

Ninety percent of Americans own a mobile phone, and research shows the average text is read within 5 seconds. With Interactive Text you can reach your audience, and invite citizens to text back to provide feedback, follow up on a program, or identify which cases need more in depth attention.

  • Receive actionable feedback on critical initiatives
  • Invite anyone to participate and easily submit feedback
  • Recruit and enroll program participants on the spot
Enhanced Security (FedRAMP)

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is the first government-wide security authorization program mandatory for all U.S. federal agencies utilizing cloud services. With the Enhanced Security FedRAMP security features activated, all levels of government can maintain top security standards.

  • Saves time and staff required to conduct assessments by utilizing standard framework
  • Withstand comprehensive and rigorous review at the JAB level, approved by CIOs from the General Services Administration (GSA), the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Digital Engagement and Learning Services

Our digital marketing, learning development and business intelligence experts can support your work to:

  • Grow your audience reach
  • Manage digital campaigns using advanced tactics
  • Leverage analytics that matter most
  • Increase your impact
  • Create and deploy engaging learning materials and experiences
  • Manage multi-pronged projects to drive outcomes