About Us

The largest cloud solutions provider for government.

Granicus provides technology that empowers government organizations to create better lives for the people they serve. By offering the industry’s leading cloud-based solutions for communications, meeting and agenda management, and digital services to more than 3,000 public sector organizations, Granicus helps turn government missions into quantifiable realities. Granicus products connect more than 150 million people, creating a powerful network to enhance government transparency and citizen engagement. By optimizing decision-making processes, Granicus strives to help government realize better outcomes and have a greater impact for the citizens they serve.

As a company, Granicus helps empower some of the most creative people in the world who innovate within complex public sector organizations. We help make policies more effective and to transform the citizen experience so that everything from road closures to fostering programs are better communicated, understood, and ultimately successful.

Granicus was founded in 1999, and in late 2016, merged with GovDelivery (also founded in 1999). While Granicus had traditionally been focused on innovation in the legislative and rule-making process, GovDelivery led the way in transforming how governments communicate with the public on a day-to-day basis to support everything from flu shot programs to new veterans benefits. The two companies’ missions aligned perfectly to cover the full range of government’s mission – to make the rules and laws we live by while delivering services that bring value to the public.

This powerful alignment allows us to bring even more scale and innovation to the clients we serve.