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Deliver world-class digital experiences and free up staff time with the only full-service video streaming and on-demand solution for local governments.

Video Streaming and Recording that Surpass Expectations

In a post-pandemic world, the public has grown to expect live streamed and recorded public meetings from their local governments. Implementing a professional self-managed meeting streaming and recording system can be challenging. Swagit (now a part of Granicus) is a video solution that allows local governments to fully outsource the operation and production of multi-camera broadcast for public meetings.

High-Quality, Secure Meetings with Greater Reach

Simplify your meeting management with an affordable, impactful, and professional streaming and on-demand video solution.

Full-Service Meeting Video Management

Fully outsource the operation and production of a multicamera broadcast for public meetings, freeing up staff time.

Increased Engagement

Stream video to social platforms, PEG channels, streaming services, and web portals to immediately expand your audience.

Unsurpassed Reliability

With a 99.9% uptime, unlimited storage, free software upgrades, and free 24/7 customer service, staff can focus on meeting content instead of troubleshooting.

Captioning for ADA Compliance

Add accurate closed captioning created by an actual person to your video to enable participation by more members of your community.

Swagit in Action

A premier video partner improves the whole meeting management process for municipal staff and empowers community relations.

“Our hope was to improve our civic engagement within our community, and Swagit has definitely helped us do that. More and more people are watching our feeds every day.”

Shawn Granger, IT Manager, City of West Covina, CA

“Swagit has allowed us to modernize the recording, broadcasting, archiving and availability of our City Council meetings. Video is now easily available live on Facebook, our cable stations, and archived on our website. Swagit has helped us do more with less.”

Steve Weiersmueller, IT Director, City of Florissant, MO

“Council meetings can be stressful, we didn’t need the extra stress of wondering if our streaming solution would work or not. Moving to Swagit has taken that worry off of our shoulders, letting us concentrate on the meeting.”

Sara Diaz, Director of Information Technology, City of El Cajon, CA

“With Swagit, we are able to reach more residents and strengthen community relations.”

Cherise Newsome, Communications Director, Portsmouth Public Schools, VA

“Every opportunity I have to discuss streaming with other cities, I give them Swagit contact info and tell them how great you guys are.”

Dave Kuhn, Broadcast Manager, CGTV, City of Garland, TX

“This is going to be one of the most important services we have ever provided to our residents.”

Donna Huerta, Communications Manager, City of Rowlett, TX

Full-Service for Constituents, Too

Index and time-stamp recordings to simplify the public’s access to sections of interest. Video and cross-linking provides context for topics.


Find the exact place in a recording where a particular word or phrase was spoken through a sensitive and precise search engine.


Multi-camera production and HD quality improve the viewing experience for members of the public.


Innovative Technology for Staff and Public

Swagit continues to reframe and enhance the concept of streaming and on-demand video for governments. Consider how these innovations can enhance your staff and your community’s public meeting experience.

Live Directing

Swagit directors manage production and stream completely remotely, controlling the cameras to optimize video production value, and saving staff member's valuable time.

Simple and Accessible for the Public

Indexing and time stamping allow users to jump to public meeting topics of interest. Add human-generated closed captioning and translation services to engage more community members.

Worry-Free Tech

No longer worry about troubleshooting technology during critical public meetings. Leave the A/V duties to the professionals and get back to the core priorities of your job.

Additional Resources

Check out some of the resources we’ve created just for you. Looking for support? Visit the Swagit Support Portal.


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