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OneMeeting Agenda Management

From prep to publish, OneMeeting (formerly known as PrimeGov) offers easy meeting management for medium to large-sized government organizations.

Designed By Clerks For Clerks

OneMeeting provides a comprehensive, modern, and cloud-based solution to public meeting challenges for larger government organizations. Recover valuable work hours by streamlining the agenda and meeting process.

One Stop for Digital Transformation

Granicus offers a suite of services designed to improve efficiency, engagement, and transparency, while decreasing vendor sprawl.

Recover valuable work hours by streamlining the agenda and meeting process

Employ flexible and configurable software that integrates Microsoft Word for easy training and use

Ensure regulatory compliance with ADA-friendly meeting materials and adherence to open meeting laws

Make information easily accessible with public web portals

OneMeeting in Action

Using digital legislative management solutions allows government to streamline cross-departmental workflows, modernize the public meeting experience, and establish meaningful connections with constituents. Most importantly, it reduces the stress and burden of running meetings and allows clerks to focus on high-priority projects.

“My staff and IT had sometimes been working through a manual process until 8 pm and sometimes even midnight to publish our agenda. Now, with OneMeeting, we leave by the end of the business day.”

Daisy Gomez, Clerk of the Council, Santa Ana, California

We needed a product that our users embrace and find efficient, where they don’t need to call IT for support. Your product nailed that. The way you guys built it, you guys knew how the clerks think...I felt that we had a light at the end of the tunnel when we found you.”

John Lin, IT Manager, Ventura County, CA


Automate Workflows and Increase Collaboration

Route items through a fully configurable automated approval process that notifies assigned users when items are ready for review. Office 365 integration enables staff to edit system-generated agenda docs in Word, and multi-user editing allows everyone to see changes in real time.


Effortless Meeting Management Tools Eliminate Meeting Stress

OneMeeting’s in-meeting features simplify roll call, minute taking, voting, and public comments and requests to speak.


Best-in-Industry Video Solutions Expand Public Reach

Timestamped videos sync to each agenda item for easy search-and-locate. Closed captioning and transcription services with industry-leading accuracy expand reach and encourage public participation.


Unsurpassed Accessibility Broadens Engagement

Striving for ADA compliance and accessibility can be difficult without the right tools. OneMeeting has templates and webpages designed to support access for the entire community.



Granicus offers agenda and meeting management solutions that make legislative management less stressful, less costly, and more integrated. Our meeting management cloud platform scales and adapts to support the full legislative process and create space for all the important work clerks do.

Custom forms for agenda item submission

Generate professional and polished agendas and minutes documents in seconds with built-in templates and create unique item forms for each document type such as resolutions, contracts, ordinances, and more.

In-depth workflows and granular permissions

Split workflows, dynamic routing, and missed deadline alerts ensure complete meeting packets without the last-minute scramble. Complete the process with a few simple clicks to post agendas to a public web portal.

Office 365 integration

Simplify training and use with Office 365 integration, enabling contributors to view and edit staff reports and other system-generated documents in Word.

Efficient and time-saving meeting management tools

Capture roll calls, minutes, votes, and actions efficiently during the meeting. Manage speaker lists, facilitate public comments, and automatically time speakers.

Single platform, multiple product integrations

Manage all boards and commissions, receive and direct requests for service, and maintain legal compliance with public record requests, all from one platform.

Optimized accessibility and transparency

Generate and publish ADA-friendly agendas and minutes to a searchable public web portal in just a few clicks. Enable social media sharing for increased awareness.