Funding for Federal Agencies: Understanding the Technology Modernization Fund

Federal agencies have struggled in recent years to maintain and update their technology as the demand for online services surged during the Coronavirus Pandemic. While the urgency associated with Coronavirus has waned, increased constituent access to government-run portals and systems is the new normal.

The main hurdle experienced by federal government organizations is that funding is generally appropriated by Congress for very specific purposes and programs. While some funding is intended for administration and operations, the year-to-year nature of the appropriations process fails to adequately consider infrastructure-oriented projects.

Fortunately, help has arrived in the form of the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF). Backed by $1 billion in American Rescue Plan funding, the TMF is designed to help federal agencies access capital so they can make investments in technology, systems and websites that will increase their capacity and efficiency in delivering services to the public. In addition to funding cybersecurity and other worthy efforts, $100 million has been prioritized for projects that enhance digital services and improve the customer experience as agencies attempt to alleviate the burden on its call center workforce.

Granicus and special guests from Grants Office, LLC explore the funding available through TMF for federal agencies. The deadline for priority consideration is August 1, but applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted. This webinar is a deep dive into the TMF, including insights into past projects that have received funding and tips to help you formulate a comprehensive and compelling funding proposal.

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