Granicus Video enables organizations to build a content-rich collection of live and archived public meeting webcasts and records without hassle, enabling agencies to reach a broader audience and further meet modern transparency demands.

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    Stream live and archive content

    With easy-to-use media management tools, agencies can schedule and broadcast live webcasts, while simultaneously recording and archiving the live content.

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    Index videos for keyword searchability

    Agendas can be imported prior to each meeting, allowing for video to be indexed in real-time, which eliminates hours of follow up work after an event has ended.

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    Easily share a complete meeting recap

    After the meeting, publish a full and integrated public record which links the agenda directly to the video, which is publicized on your existing website and can also be distributed internally.

  • icon cloud storage

    Unlimited storage

    Granicus Video includes unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. Videos can be archived and accessed on your existing website.

  • icon magnify

    HD capabilities

    Video can be streamed in 720p HD quality, higher than industry standards, allowing for an enhanced viewing experience.

  • icon closed captioning

    Closed Captioning

    Make content more accessible to a larger audience and ensure ADA compliance with Closed Captioning services.

  • icon report

    Reporting for in-depth analysis

    Agencies can monitor and analyze public interest through visitor and viewership reports, which breakdown visitor statistics, including most popular content, number of views, length of time on site and more to better understand the viewing audience.

  • icon tools

    Give citizens stronger tools

    Empowered citizens can browse published agendas and supporting documents or save time by performing keyword searches to jump directly to specific topics, making it easier for viewers to find the information they’re most interested in. Citizens can also subscribe to agendas or keyword searches to get real-time notifications when new relevant content becomes available.

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    Integrate agendas with video for better indexing and searching. Granicus Video also streamlines minutes creation and a paperless environment with Granicus meeting and agenda management tools.

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Granicus Video is one of the most reliable technologies I’ve ever used.

Lori Brewer, City Clerk, Mountain View, California

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