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Granicus Announces 2017 Digital Strategy Award Winners

Granicus, the largest provider of cloud-based software solutions to government, today announced the recipients of the 2017 Granicus Digital Strategy Awards. These individuals and organizations are being recognized as those that have clearly demonstrated effective and innovative approaches to digital strategy and excellence in key areas including transforming access to services, creative and innovative use of digital tools, and improving citizen engagement.

“The Granicus Digital Strategy Awards honors organizations leading the digital transformation within the public sector,” said Mark Hynes, CEO of Granicus. “From launching a worldwide interactive text platform to keep travelers informed of risks associated with the Zika virus, to revamping local government web platforms to allow citizens to easily apply for permits, these organizations are changing the relationship between government and the people they serve. We are proud to celebrate this year’s Digital Strategy winners and elevate the important work they do for their communities.”

In its eighth year recognizing public sector organizations and individuals, the Granicus Digital Strategy Awards has three new categories including the Environmental Stewardship Award, the Modern Leadership Award and the Transformed Access to Public Services Award.

All government organizations were eligible for participation in the Granicus Digital Strategy Awards. This year’s outstanding organizations and individuals selected for recognition include:

Digital Achievement Award (Capstone) – Granicus’ highest honor of excellence for organizations leading the way in public sector digital outreach and engagement. These organizations are dedicated to cohesive and integrated digital engagement with citizens.


Communicators of the Year: Recognizing the communicators making a difference in the way their organization interacts and communicates with citizens.


Communications Director Stephen Schatz and Design and Publications Manager Lauren Mitchell have revamped the Maryland DNR’s approach to digital communications.

Creative Use of Digital Citizen Engagement: Recognizing organizations using digital engagement in creative ways including a unique campaign purpose, unusual and effective content, or exceptional method of connecting with citizens.


Enhanced Public Awareness: Recognizing organizations achieving success informing and engaging citizens with their digital strategy to drive changes in behavior or inspire action.


(New) Environmental Stewardship: Recognizing government agencies that implemented environmentally conscious office policies through the use of software, such as reducing paper use and distributing agendas electronically.


(New) Modern Leadership Award: Recognizing the individual leaders demonstrating use of modern digital trends and initiating a meaningful change in the relationship between a government organization and its citizens.


(New) Transformed Access to Services: Recognizing organizations that made significant service improvements to enhance the citizen experience with reduced wait times or new records management to improve internal processes.



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