The 2018 Granicus Digital Strategy Awards Will Be Announced Soon!

As a dedicated public servant, you have to work hard and get creative to accomplish your goals. Using modern digital tools, you are increasing awareness of your programs, changing processes for the better, and inspiring action. Put simply, your organization changes lives. And for that, we think you deserve recognition.
Designed to honor modern digital governments, the 2018 Granicus Digital Strategy Awards recognize excellence in reaching more people, driving them to action, as well as modernizing internal and external processes.
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The nomination window for Granicus Awards has closed. Check back on Thursday, September 20 for winners.


Modern Digital Government Leadership Award (Capstone Award)

Digital transformation is the profound change of government activities, processes, and competencies through a mix of digital technologies. The Modern Digital Government Leadership award is Granicus’ highest honor of excellence for those leading the way in public sector digital transformation.

Things to highlight in your nomination:

  • A transformation of mission-driven outcomes (such as an increase in citizens enrolled in a program or service) as a direct result of digital enhancements
  • Expanded digital services in innovative and unique ways
  • Greater transparency or access to government services
  • A summary of results relating to organizational goals

Innovator in Chief Award (Individual)

For the individuals making a transformational impact on his/her organization through the use of modern technologies, setting an example for other public sector organizations. The Innovator in Chief award recognizes a government leader who thought differently, approached a problem and solution in a unique way, and saw proven results.

Things to highlight in your nomination:

  • Dedication to innovation, even in the face of adversity
  • Challenges to the status quo; re-thinking what’s been done in the past
  • Commitment to digital engagement and continuous improvement
  • Demonstration of creativity and enthusiasm in involving citizens in government decision-making

Excellence in Citizen Engagement Award

For the organizations using digital engagement in creative ways including a unique campaign purpose, unusual and effective content, or exceptional method of connecting with citizens. The Excellence in Citizen Engagement Award will go to organizations using digital solutions to reach more people and drive them to action.

Things to highlight in your nomination:

  • Unique campaign topic and method
  • Effective content that connected with an audience and drove them to action
  • Example of the exceptional method of engaging citizens digitally
  • Specific outcomes or metrics of creative outreach

Environmental Stewardship Award

This award recognizes the organizations that implemented environmentally-conscious office policies through the use of software, such as reducing paper use and distributing agendas electronically. The Environmental Stewardship Award honors individuals and organizations making changes to reduce their carbon footprint.

Things to highlight in your nomination:

  • An overview of the environmental impact before and after changes were made
  • Process improvement due to the implementation of digital services
  • Specific metrics as they relate to environmental stewardship (reduced paper, number of trees saved, reduction in water usage, etc.)

Continuous Improvement of Public Services Award

For the organizations achieving success via digital services as a part of their citizen experience-focused digital strategy. This award will recognize organizations that made significant service improvements to enhance the citizen experience with reduced wait times or new records management to improve internal processes.

Things to highlight in your nomination:

  • New or enhanced digital services launched and how citizens are interacting with these services
  • Successful promotion of digital services to drive adoption
  • Mission-driven outcomes as they relate to the citizen experience

Website Innovator Award

For the organizations delivering exceptional service and superior value to the people they serve with a modern website. This year’s Website Innovator Award will recognize organizations designing and launching websites with the needs of citizens at the forefront, building the relationship between government and citizens.

Things to highlight in your nomination:

  • An overview of citizen needs and how your website was designed to meet them
  • Anything new you’ve rolled out with the new website that has helped you promote a better citizen experience online (service-oriented navigation, focus on accessibility, etc.)

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The fine print:

Award recipients, upon accepting the award, agree to allow Granicus to use the organization or individual winner’s name in promotional communications. Additionally, winners agree to share their successes with other government communicators in partnership with Granicus within a year of accepting the award. This may take the form of participating in a live event, speaking on a webinar, or interviewing for a video or written success story. These awards are open to any public sector organization or individual. You do not have to be a Granicus customer to enter.